27 JULY, 2017. Fast becoming one of the critical dates

27 JULY, 2017. Fast becoming one of the critical dates in unlocking the Trump-Russia LIE.

32. I'm persuaded that it will be revealed that our boy George was a plant placed within Team Trump, run by Obama thugs at the FBI/DOJ.

But let me go back to tweet 25, above. And speculate on a new angle, about who may have placed Papadopoulos into the campaign.
33. See, there are some other connections George had. Ones that relate to the events of 27 July, as well as the Manafort raid on the 26th.

That he ALSO didn't disclose to Team Trump.
34. For example, George knew Reince Preibus well. They were both plugged into the US-HELLENIC scene, as well as Greek politics (as was John Podesta, BTW):

George Papadopoulos, Reince Preibus, Carter Page & Manafort/Gates ALL appear to be linked to one person.
42. A guy called ED COX.

Cox is a GOPe KING.

He was Chair of the NYS GOP during the election. He was on POTUS Nixon's staff. He's also Richard Nixon's son in law.

He knows every GOPe swamp weed, pond and creature.
43. Now consider:

Cox refused to endorse Trump, until of course Trump WON NY (Cox's GOPe fiefdom).

44. Cox is ALSO very close to Reince Preibus.

Thanks to Trump, Ed Cox is suddenly riding high
ALBANY - Donald Trump's unexpected victory has given a boost to Republican State Committee Chairman Ed Cox, an unexpected ally of a president-elect who had previously been a vexing, flirtatious misfi…
45. BTW Cox is a close associate of Paul Singer, a major donor to Cox's NY GOP.

Oh - Singer also just happens to own the Washington Free Beacon, which initially contracted Fusion GPS, to dig up dirt on Trump.

Before handing it over to Clinton.
46. Carter Page was pushed into Team Trump, via Ed Cox:

48. George Papadopoulos researched the Leviathan Pipeline for Noble Energy, while at the HI.

A project that Noble saw as extremely lucrative.

Who is Ed Cox? (and why should you know)
I've got a good one for you. Ed Cox (Nixon Staff) is married to Nixon's daughter. Ed Cox sent Carter Page to Trump. Ed Cox is a Director for Noble Energy (Leviathan Pipeline) George Papadopoulos rese…
49. Noble Energy has extensive links with THE CLINTONS. And their cronies, such as John Kerry. Quote:

'John Kerry invested over $1M while he was working at the State Department. Bill Clinton has lobbied on behalf of U.S. interests meeting with Netanyahu.'
50. 'Jackson Dunn, a lobbyist employed by FTI a top-level campaign finance bundler for H. Clinton’s presidential run, lobbied for offshore drilling off the coast of Israel on behalf of Noble Energy. FTI is another arm of Teneo Holdings. Doug Band, Huma Abedein etc.'

53. Rick Gates was campaign manager for one of the candidates. Ed Cox was state campaign manager for the same candidate.

Oh, another thing.

The candidate also used Davis Manafort as a consulting company to his campaign.

Who was that 2008 Presidential candidate?
54. Who was the candidate?

Well, whadda ya know?


And John just LOVES DJT, as we know.
55. Now OF COURSE I'm not suggesting that it was GOP/RNC insiders, working with McCain, who may have had a role planting Page, Manafort, Gates and Papadopoulos inside Team Trump.


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Quite a host of swamp creatures in this play.

I would like to make one observation and clarify the record a bit. Yes the Washington Free Beacon hired Fusion GPS. When they were presented with a report they basically wanted nothing more to do with Fusion GPS and sent them packing. Seems then they then were successful selling their wares to the HC Campaign and thus the FBI, DOJ and the WH had to be aware.


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