4 Star General Warns Marines To Prepare For New Battleground

"General James Amos a 4 star general is telling Marines to save ammo and prepare for a different kind of battle.
As a Naval Aviator, Amos commanded the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 and 2004. He served as the 31st Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps from July 3, 2008 to October 22, 2010. Amos assumed his current assignment on October 22, 2010.

General Amos warns about a “different landscape” and encourages people to think smarter. The General also encourages Marines to, “Save every round, every gallon of gas.”

This comes during a time when the DHS has stockpiled over 2 billion rounds of ammunition, purchased nearly 3000 tanks and refuses to answer questions about why they are doing it.
This comes on the heels after Captain Terry M. Hestilow United States Army, Retired, urged citizens to write to Senators demanding action against the DHS.
In a recent interview with Rep. Huelskamp at CPAC, he had expressed concerns to DHS over the purchase but received no response."


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a fool and his freedom, maybe even his life are soon parted.

hey gary, how are you doing?!!  we've really missed you around here.  i'm so happy you're feeling better, to the point of posting!!  

 LInda, different Gary! But we welcome this one too! Been awhile!

People! People! When are we going to learn. We are over 40 million strong yet we are thinking like cavemen. We are chasing the fodder of the moment. We keep chasing the bouncing balls and there are many of them. Glenn Beck, against all odds, is building an empire with his own money and we are chasing the bouncing balls. If we can't take our own communities back how then can we expect to take our Nation back. We will not win thinking like revolutionist in this time of technology when unrest can erupt at the touch of a keyboard. Yes, we know Obama is building his own security force within the DHS. But, the most dangerous weapon he has in his arsenal is not weapons but fear. As Glenn Beck has built his community we must build ours. We can start with the Church, the meeting place. The Church is the center of our community, from there we can go out and spread the word. If we cannot connect community to community across the country then there will be pockets of resistance unknown to others. We have no media to support us so we must do it ourselves. Dictators like Hitler won because most of the people did not get involved. Not to vote is to vote, not to speak is to speak and to do nothing is doing something. This gave Hitler power and that's why each person must do their part to turn the tide. Those who didn't vote or voted for a 3rd Party voted for Obama. Those who did not speak out against Communist/Socialism gave their consent and those who go about their daily lives have given themsleves to serfdom. This is a time each person must do their part to save America. Each person who is not activately involved in taking back their communities are to blame for what is to come. Each person who has flown and gone through TSA has already surrendered. The Government understood this but the people didn't. Let not the people continue to be pushed into slavery with scare tactics. How can we succeed in the future if we cannot take care of the present. When Soros said he was going the States he told us where the fight really is in the future. Communitity organizing is not just for the left, it is for the people in those communities. In my community at least 8 families out of 24 are Conservatives. Those 8 people are involved within their church, that's 8 churches. It's a place to begin within the precinct. Remember, we are over 40 million strong and we are acting like we are already surrounded by the Communist/Socialist. If we can only remember, they are the ones who are really scared of failing, not us. 

     You're absolutely correct Anna.  People won't take action until something impacts them directly and makes them uncomfortable enough to the point where they MUST react.  Unfortunately, by then, it's usually way too late and they are OBE'd (Overtaken By Events).  Their gooses are already cooked, so to speak.

     Everyone who is awake must stop relying on the hope that the rest of the country is going to wake up to what's going on and join our ranks.  I'm sorry to say that is a pipedream.  Oh, sure, there are some who are getting the message and coming over now, but they are by far in the minority and their numbers puny.

     The problem facing everyone is determining "when the tipping point is reached", but that thinking is deceptive because it implies there will be some monumental event to reveal it.  The truth being, the tipping point will have already long been reached and surpassed when that monumental event takes place, if it even ever does occur.  I submit to you that the re-election of Obama was the tipping point and now there will be a series of events, most of them subtle, that will lead to our destruction as a free people. 

     Everyone must stop looking for reinforcements to shore up our battered and shattered hopes and turn to the work at hand of building the organizations and internal and intra-organization communication networks necessary to coordinate our efforts. We lost a battle, but the war is just begun.  Let's get too it! 


As Glenn Beck has built his community we must build ours. We can start with the Church, the meeting place...

Isn't this what Glenn Beck has been telling people like FOREVER. . . build your own community of like-minded people? I don't understand just because Glenn Beck is building a network that will get the word out that we should be saying that he is doing something other than getting all people who believe the same together. What better way than to first see it on TELEVISION, because so many people still believe that if it's on the TV and reported on the NEWS, it must be the TRUTH. These are the people that Glenn Beck is attempting to reach, giving them an alternative to the constant lies.

I, for one, believe that people who can talk about what they see on Glenn Beck's show and discuss the merits of the information and then research for themselves, they ONLY become stronger and then emboldened to tell others, whether they are in church or watching their kids play soccer. I know because I have become emboldened to talk to the other soccer moms and the teachers at my child's school about Common Core. I would have never done that without the tons of information Glenn Beck has provided. I have even given the teachers Glenn's website address and suggested they get a trial subscription and watch the stuff about Common Core for themselves.

I know that some people have ignored me, but that has not stopped me from getting the word out. If anyone knows someone with children in K-12 schools tell them they can get a form to opt out of the Common Core State Standards by going to: http://www.TruthinAmericanEducation.com and downloading the Opt Out Form.

Hi Fergie,

I am so glad to see you like Glenn as much as I do...You will love what I have been building! Not quite ready for viewing yet...I have found a very comfortable direction...

I am and will always be grateful to Glenn -if it were not for that show, on that fri, I would not be here... hhhmmm... is that a good thing or not!LOL!

Good to see ya...


This is really scary stuff! I believe the middle east is not our friend...to put it nicely...

We the People outnumber "them", and our numbers are growing. More and more people are waking up, and many of them are cleaning out gun stores and gun shows. There's strength in numbers.

We the People are supporting "them". Time to withdraw our support. Time to nullify. It's happening all over the country. Sheriffs are refusing to implement unconstitutional gun laws. States are nulifying Obamacare. Business are refusing to cooperate with the HHS mandate. We can do this.


 Replies that veered from the topic of the discussion have been deleted by moderators. Replies have been closed

The article was posted for informational purposes only- there is never a guarantee to the factual validity of ANY "political type" post-

As Glenn Beck always said- Trust- but verify. In this case LIM89 is a long time trusted member who would not mislead this website intentionally...

The internet is full of this story- nearly every conservative website is carrying it-- Google it!


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