Acquittal! Not Guilty!

Susan Nielsen

Hello Members and Friends,

Although I did not hold my breath, I was pretty certain that “the Bar” had not been lowered to such a drastic level of open transparent corruption. A level so low that the USA may NOT have recovered. A level that would allow for each and every President of any party to be impeached for literally any type of alleged crime. This would have all but destroyed the adherence to our Constitutional Law, which has guided our governance for 229 years!! The average lifetime of a “civilization” is only 330 yrs. So to beat the odds of failure, we must fight hard to keep our Constitutional Civilization.

This debacle was a public show of a lack of decorum and respect that has befallen the Political Arena. The behavior exhibited by the left, the Democratic Party, is now a worldwide joke. Nancy Pelosi will go down in history as the most tasteless rude woman/person to hold a seat in our congress!!

Democrats are having a temper tantrum, these people who are playing games and living high with the money from their own constituents -who suffer as a side effect of their lack of governance, their towns and cities have the highest rates of homelessness, hunger, lack of jobs, a health care mess, bad schools, and High Crime Rates- did I say HIGH CRIME RATES!!! Let's look at Pelosi's *San Francisco for example!

Yes, We The People won a battle, but we must stay the course in our

War against Socialism!

TRUMP 2020!

Do not become complacent as the left will be “madder than a cat on a hot tin roof “!!

Time to Prosecute each one of them!!

* With a crime rate of 64 per one thousand residents, San Francisco has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes - from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One's chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 16.

  My New word! Political Anosognosia -- a New Word- meaning unable to know the difference between right and wrong!! (I just made this up!!) *True definition is Anosognosia. Anosognosia also called "lack of insight" is a symptom of severe mental illness experienced by some that impairs a person's ability to understand and perceive his or her illness.



 TRUMP 2020!

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