* Action Alert! Starbucks shop boots police officers!


Take Action!

 I think we need to make some phone calls to Starbucks - The phone number for Starbucks headquarters is 1-206-447-1575 

Starbucks shop boots police officers because customer ‘did not feel safe’ around them: reports

“This treatment of public safety workers could not be more disheartening. While the barista was polite, making such a request at all was offensive. Unfortunately, such treatment has become all too common in 2019.”

— Tempe Officers Association statement

Some police officers in Tempe, Ariz., say they were asked to leave a Starbucks coffee shop on the Fourth of July because a customer complained they “did not feel safe” with the cops present, according to reports.

Five officers were drinking coffee at the Starbucks location prior to their shift beginning when a barista asked them to move out of the complaining customer’s line of sight or else leave, the Tempe Officers Association wrote in a series of Twitter messages.

Rob Ferraro, president of the police union, told FOX 10 of Phoenix that such treatment of police officers seems to be happening more often these days.


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Disgusting behavior by the Starbucks employee no surprise it occurred since by Starbucks corporate they laid the groundwork that promotes this lunacy.

Contacting Starbuck  right idea. But do not expect they would choose to do the right thing.

Hi Pat,

I have no expectations, their behavior is backasswards- it is difficult to know how to react to complete craziness.

You know me and calls and letters- I am ever hopeful that the person who answers may receive a seed -planted deeply into their core that will grow and spread like a weed!

Thanks for making the calls!

I never did like Starbuck coffee.  Will make my call Monday.

Hi Jan,

Welcome to TCC!

I agree! Thanks in advance for taking action!

Their coffee stinks and is expensive to boot!  I hope if they ever need police protection the don't show up since they are not welcome in their establishment!  And who is the fool that would say they felt threatened because they were in the place!  Hello - it's the police, the ones we all call when we need protection - idiots!  Will call Monday.

Jo, to the looney left things do not need to make sense. If one common sense person took all the crazy crap these snowflakes do could only conclude they will vote for Trump.

While it does not seem so most of the time I do think the left/left-wing are creating the next generation of conservatives.

I have contacted starbucks corporate so many times I stopped counting. Starbucks likes the capitalist system corporate wealth and the social justice movement.

Starbucks tries to ride 2 horses at the same time. I do not see that the corporation has any intention of giving up a horse. They are going to keep riding until the horse(s) die from exhaustion.

HI Jo,

Great to see ya!  I agree!

I think we can guess the type of person who would complain! Shame on Starbucks! I need to find a different idea for gift cards, I won't be purchasing them!

Thanks for taking action!

It appears people have no shame or tolerance for others anymore. The "Whiners" and "Complainers" get the attention while the rest of society has to change their ways. I might be tempted to go on a slow-down when responding to any calls from those associated with Starbuck's complaining customers but, that is not who we are, we forgive Starbucks over and over and over again. While I might say turn on our blue lights I'm afraid my neighbors may think I'm a Dem as one of my neighbors turns on their red light when I turn on my blue. No way would I pretend I'm a Dem.  I bought Starbucks coffee once and that was enough to give up their coffee for the rest of my life. If people want to pay for a Starbuck's coffee with their good-earned money more fool them. We can only do what we can. 

Hi Christine,

First, I think I owe you a Thank You for contribution a while back...

Yes, I do not understand this new "minority rules" game! It makes no sense to me that a handful of "different/difficult/whining/selfish/ignorant/idiots"- and we are supposed to do their bidding!! Excuse me!! But NO! I do not agree! I won't be buying any more starbucks gift cards!

You know me, I still think calls and letters help!

So, big deal they apologized! AGAIN! 

Starbucks corporate reps said to be meeting with the police in Tempe. They also said they will conduct an investigation before deciding what actions if any will be taken against the barista.

While I think that Starbucks is responsible for laying the foundation that resulted in the barista being put between a rock and a hard place the barista made the wrong choice and again I place Starbucks at the core.

One person whines I do not feel safe and some 5 men in blue setting there, how safe is that?

It was wrong period. Should the barista loose a job? This mess belongs squarely with Starbucks corporate to take responsibility and own it.

Thanks for the update, good to know.  I can't think that some employee would be that ridiculous and low on common sense that they would ask any patrons to leave much less 5 police officers that are there giving them business.  Support Dunkin Donuts and give them our business from now on. 



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