we are faced with two questions today, one should we fund the “Affordable Care Act” (AKA;Obamacare)  and two should we raise the debt ceiling?

Neither question should be asked until a full budget of the government is passed. Not a “Continuing resolution”, not a piecemeal spending bill; but a full budget. Our government has been derelict in its duty to be responsible stewards of the public purse.

It is shameful to be considering raising the debt ceiling, without really knowing how much money the federal government needs. And I mean need as in fulfilling their constitutional duties, not excess spending to buy votes from minorities, businesses, unions, special interest groups and presidential vacations.

I would rather that the federal government stay shut down, until a full budget is passed.

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Nothing should be funded until the IRS dismantled and the criminal establishment shed light upon.

I believe that the argument should be made before congress that the federal gov't is no longer faithful to the people and should halted from operations.  

Congress should immediately take action to use the Constitution as the foot print of a government.  Revamping the IRS and dismissing the current supreme court and imprisoning the current president is what I'm talking about. They have no credibility.   

Hugh, Good letter to the point. Sums up the problem nicely.

Hugh: Shame is not in the wash-dc vocabulary or they would have corrected their self-imposed fiascos a long time ago.. I wish things were different but the yanqui dollar is the worlds reserve currency and will remain so until another currency surfaces...Not in our lifetimes---unfortunately...The Euro is full of shakiness, the Russian Ruble is small potatoes, the Chinese Yuan is full of bankster corruption, the yen a has been...Forget India...Only recourse I see is fiscal responsibility in the US...get rid of the liberal tax and spenders and replace them with God Forbid---conservative democrats---but at least conservatives who know how to balance a budget...I have often wondered why some buildings have high ceilings...Seems like that is to let hot air and pollution go up and out...Concerning the past govt shutdown....I did not notice a difference---except that most were appalled at the back pay those non-essentials got for doing nothing and some of them even double-dipped with UI...WOW  is this a sick society or what????

Denis, Give people, all people, a loop hold to exploit and if we know that it exist we will exploit.



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