Dear sir,

As you are willing to move to Canada please let me know when you will be leaving. I have many friends that will help you pack and rent a U-Haul to get out.

All you need to do is get to I-5 North and keep going until they are wearing red uniforms and speak a little funny.

I will be happy to provide you with a compass to ensure you are headed in the proper direction. However if you get it upside down you will be in Mexico and that will be alright also as you will not be here.

Do not stop when you get to the beautiful city on the hills over the bay that smells like dead fish and an open sewer, that is San Francisco. When you reach the city where they have a statue of Vladimir Lenin that is Seattle, do not turn right. Idaho does not want you either.

Do not go too far, as you often like to do, as that will put you in Alaska, not Canada, and I am sure they do not want you either.

I do understand why you are concerned with election fraud, as you could not get elected with out it. All the Illegal Aliens, felons and drug users in California that vote for you, might miss you, but they can rest assured that you will soon become one on of them as an Illegal Alien in Canada.

I find it highly disgraceful that an elected official in the Federal Government should be so disappointed in the legitimate President, that they need to encourage citizens to leave the country. Even in jest it is distasteful, disrespectful to all the Military who fought and died for this country and the citizens that serve as public servants protecting this nation.

Please do not delay, leave now and avoid the November rush.

Best wishes for your future in Canada.


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Many of us would like to see him go and can think of others to keep him company.

nicely done!!!!  if only he would read it and realize we're serious! (and hopeful!!!!)

absolutely great letter. I will donate and even drive u-haul. He could even take his beloved Pelosi with him.



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