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As you know I was recently involved in a legal situation which could have gone very badly, as it is I had to pay $450.00 in attorney's fees. I wish to thank all those who helped to pay, I was only responsible for about 1/2 of that amount...


I had asked my attorney how I could protect myself in the future, and I have my long awaited reply...  

"The best way to protect yourself is to not embed others' material on your site unless they agree.  So it’s safer to just have a link to the material you want to refer to. 
I don’t think you should close your site, but please make sure that you don’t have others’ copyrighted work on your site (whether it be a photo, video, audio, or other) embedded on your site."
So, obviously there are going to be some changes in this websites purpose and design layout... and if the other small sites wish to stay afloat they will be changing also... Yup, the purpose is to close us down- shut us up! Or why would little ole me get involved in a possible lawsuit that also involved big boys? Gee... we musta done something right? right? And now we are restricted in what we post... Do you have any idea how that upsets me to say posting is restricted- this is a gal who has the word Freedom inked on my shoulder!
But,I simply can't take the chance of this happening again...
I do not have a complete plan at this time however:
until further notice- please post ONLY your opinions with a link to the headline. Which really makes no sense as it drives the reader to leave this site- Therefore I am in hopes that you will all polish up on your writing skills and brush up on presenting  your opinions with enough interest to keep the reader here- because after all everyone reads the headlines!! You are all great writers so I have faith in you!
Also as my attorney states- you can also go to the Terms of Use on any website- write to the author of the article- 9 times out of 10- they will be flattered that you asked and give you permission- but until you have that permission...
Posting articles is restricted to a header with a link- or get permission!
Articles that do not meet this requirement- will be deleted. Please help!
I am sorry about this but I have no choice!
Thank You for respecting this...I hate it!
On another Note- Watch for an exciting old/new idea/action coming soon!!
Ideas anyone?


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Yes, that is exactly what she told me via email. And I am kinda shocked that this type of thing did not happen sooner. When I read the Terms of some of these sites they are very strict about it. However, I wonder what they are going to do about all of those handy "share" buttons... that alone leads one to believe one can share the article... But Not!

Good to hear from you!

This goes back to my 3.2 crowd rant, the 3.2 crowd maintained their 3.2 GPA to keep from getting drafted so they could try and burn down the country and take it over in the 60s and 70s. When they realized they couldn't do it by force they decided to do it from the inside out. They are now the college professors that taught the grade school teachers who are indoctrinating our children and the politicians that are trying to rule every aspect of our life.

David Horowitz, who woke up and changed sides explains it very concisely in a series of videos online called Restoration Weekend, I can''t seem to find the link right at the moment. I suggest everyone look it up, it is very eye opening.

I think it was Karl Marx that said, if you can control the discussion and the language, you can control the situation. I'm sure that's a paraphrase, but they hold this to be the main weapon in their arsenal.

good evening,

The first monograph that I was going to send to you is about 17,000 words long and is a piece on George Soros. Do you still want to do this? Should I send it as an email? 

My ,02 cents would be to attach the 17,000 words long piece.


I think Patricia might be right! Very long -How about a recap in a post- with a full PDF Attachment? Would that work? I will also think about this...



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