Attention Bloggers! 912Communique Helps Get The Word Out

If you're a Patriot blogger, one of those intrepid members who throw their original 400 character opinions out there, investigate a subject background and challenge the world's view, not only does 912Communique salute you.............but we've added a GREAT way to help you spread your blog even further on the internet.

You may now elect to connect your blog to Ping-o-Matic free of charge.  Once linked, each time you post a new blog entry, Ping-o-matic will automatically BLAST your post out to over a dozen search and RSS engines to increase your readership and visibility.....all with just a the click of a button.

Note:  This is for original blog posts only - not copy/pasted articles.

Here are some simple visual instructions and you may click on each image to enlarge for easier reading.  There are quite a few steps so you may wish to keep this page open - and open another tab with 912communique to go through the process:

Go to your Settings in the right side of the website.

Once on your Settings page, select the Privacy tab

In the Privacy, scroll down to and check the box that says "when I publish a blog post, notify......"  (more on this in just a minute)

SAVE your settings.   

Now before we can setup your Ping-o-Matic account, we will need a few bits of information.

  • Blog name
  • Blog URL
  • Blog RSS URL

Go to your member page by clicking the "my page" tab or simply clicking your name at the top of the website.

Scroll down down your personal webpage until you locate the content box which holds your blog posts.

At the BOTTOM of that box, click the yellow"view all" button

The page your are taken to holds ALL of your blog posts.  You will need to copy this URL and save it in Notepad or Word for a few moments.

Next we're going to go to the bottom of this page and locate the blue RSS icon.  Right click on the icon and "save link location".  Paste it into Notepad or Word, just as your did the previous URL.

Now we will setup your Ping-o-matic account. 

Go back to "settings" in the right side of the website.

Then to Privacy.

Scroll back down to the box your just checked.............and click on the "site update services" link which will open up Ping-o-Matic in a new tab.

Once you have the Ping-o-Matic screen, you will copy/paste the URLs you just saved in Notepad.  Complete the page as necessary and "SAVE".  You're done! 

Now, each time you complete and publish a blog post, Post-o-Matic will automatically notify these services of your new post and your readership and stats should increase. 

We'd love your feedback on this publishing tool and wish you all of the best.  Enjoy!

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Very Cool! Thanks Kos...

Doin' my small part to help educate and spread the word.  I hope people use it.  I would definitely blog more knowing that more readers will see it!



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