Backup Arrives in Houston… BLM’s Worst Nightmare

In the Houston area, thousands have been displaced due to Hurricane Harvey’s disastrous aftermath. Now, help has arrived and Black Lives Matter activists may be surprised to see that law enforcement officers from all over the country are showing up in droves to do what they do best… protect and serve.

A Facebook post from the area published Wednesday showed an incredible site. As a patrol car drove through the still-falling rain, one thing could be clearly seen:

A whole street lined with police vehicles, the blue lights flickering as a symbol of hope to those who are in desperate need in Houston. “Arkansas is here to help,” the Faceook post states.

The Razorback State has really stepped up to the plate in more ways then one for Hurricane Harvey. In addition to the law enforcement, according to KATV, Arkansas residents have been collecting bottled water, diapers, and other supplies for Harvey’s victims. Business owners have also joined in on the relief efforts.

Two of those business owners are Cary and Gina Martin, a husband and wife couple who own Little Rock Tours. They told Arkansas Online they got a call from the Federal Emergency Management Agency informing them their buses were needed for the relief operation.

“You have people who are angry, hurt, desperate and need a lot of help,” Cary Martin told Arkansas Online.

Arkansas Police Hurricane Harvey

And, of course, law enforcement is involved.

While cop critics like Black Lives Matter activists are quick to blame the police for all of the problems in their communities, it is clear that officers show up to help those in need.

Time and time again we see countless examples of law enforcement doing more than just enforcing the law. As is the case in Houston, these officers are actually out rescuing people who have been displaced.

Don’t expect BLM — or their liberal enablers — to give them a pat on their back. It’s not in their nature, and it doesn’t fit their narrative.

However, we will stand and salute these officers for risking their own lives for the good of humanity.


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My daughter and her wife just came back from Southern Texas.  Their initial thought was to go down there and bring bottled water, then help homeowners with cleaning away debris.......but it didn't turn out that way.

They were inundated with donations from far and wide.  Ended up taking two trucks overfilled with diapers, wipes, razors, water, name it.  Houston has received all the media attention but it seems little has 'leaked' out to the outer communities.  To quote her:

The amount of devastation in Houston is nothing compared to Corpus Cristi, Rockport, Refugio and Woodsboro and surrounding cities. There's no electricity, no running clean water, no gasoline, no food. Barely accessible roads

They told me stories of brick stairways.............where the structures had been washed away.  Endless piles of what was peoples homes now lying in the street.  These people now have no home, no clothing, no food, no jobs for many - nothing.  Some had been displaced by Katrina and are being displaced again.  Why even bother to build a life when Mother Natures rips it away?  I definitely could never live on the coast. 

Please donate,  if you haven't.  Even $10 is a help


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