Bannon wants to launch a right-wing network to compete w/Fox News

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon has told allies he hopes to expand Breitbart's video capabilities, potentially even creating an alternate television network to rival Fox News.

Axios reported last week that Bannon has told friends that he sees an opportunity for a new network that could occupy an ideological space to the right of Fox News, an idea encouraged by ousted chairman and CEO Roger Ailes before his death earlier this year.

And according to Vanity Fair reporter Gabe Sherman, Bannon met with billionaire funder Robert Mercer last week and discussed Breitbart's options for expanding into television, including a potential partnership with Sinclair Media, which owns a large number of local television stations across the US.

Sherman reported:

"In recent days, Sinclair’s chief political analyst Boris Epshteyn has spoken with Breitbart editors about ways to form an alliance, one Breitbart staffer said. 'All the Sinclair guys are super tight with Breitbart. Imagine if we got together Hannity and O’Reilly and started something?'"

Rumors have swirled for months about a potential new cable network to rival Fox, but any potential traditional television network appears unlikely in the near future. 

As Alex Weprin noted in Politico's Morning Media newsletter, the cost of starting a new conservative cable television channel would be an enormous undertaking. It would cost, at minimum, hundreds of millions of dollars, at a time when networks are concerned with cord-cutting.

Weprin also said that any partnership with Sinclair would be hobbled by different agreements with affiliates.

Breitbart could also follow the online model tried unsuccessfully by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who launched her own subscription streaming network in 2014. But such a venture would likely face many of the same obstacles: reaching the wide swath of older conservative viewers and attracting serious revenue to compete with Fox.

Courtesy of BusinessInsider

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First continuing the loaded use of 'right-wing' serves only to paint all conservatives as 'right wingers'. The left wins if we perpetrate this.

I would say Bannon very possibly will offer more for the populist movement for the GOP. I welcome that.

I used to watch at least 2 hours a day of Fox, now zero. I personally would pay to have Truely honest station to watch.

The Murdock kids are flying their plutocratic, progressive, internationalist banner on what once was a mostly honest news organization. RIP fox.

Start your new station!

Robert, Fox is moving in an undesirable direction and yes I too am considering subscribing to another news source.

Barry I'm trying to cut the cord completely myself.  It's tough but I have to admit, I still use Tweetdeck (an online twitter app) where I follow columns of various people and topics I'm interested in.

It's strange (no live news) I feel like I'm much more 'zeroed in' on the hot topics each day and I'm definitely going to sleep faster at night.  Less crap floating around in my head. lol

OH drop the "right wing" at this time in history with Far Right, Populist and Nationalist. Tired of being redefined! Original Constitutionalist wraps it up just fine so as not to be pidgeon-holed. And Breitbart has lost it's soul, not to mention how they still treat Ted Cruz. NO THANKS! I am not convinced concerning Bannon whatsoever.

I wonder who he'll try to 'steal' away from Fox? hahahaha!


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