Biden says he got him fired.Plus" Docs prove Biden extortion

In case there is any confusion due to main-street media, here is Biden in his own words:

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2¢ of observation on FISA:

as i recall, FISA was what most defenders of PATRIOT ACT coming into existence cited as protecting us from unwarranted spying on us by fed/gov. in effect, FISA was the primary justification other than 'the need 9-11 created' for allowing fed/gov the authority to spy on us, maybe closely challenged by the useful-idiot mantra of 'if you're not doing anything wrong it shouldn't matter to you'. FISA was supposed to be the savior of some semblance of our country/culture's bedrock principle of individual privacy. FISA was supposed to be what made fed/gov trustworthy of such omnipresent authority.

Well, the 'ancient and obsolete' natural truths that government is NEVER trustworthy of such authorities has proven themselves correct yet again, and it only took a couple decades to become glaringly obvious - dominating national news, and probably substantial within global news, but strangely never pinpointed as reflecting on fed/gov's natural trustworthyness. 

  (... recalling that it only took 42 days after 9-11 to become law. HOW EASY it is to dupe a society is just amazing, and shameful.)

The clue that the FISA court is a secretive one it amazes me that we the people fell for that. True to me that whatever powers given to gov't those powers will be abused and when caught red handed they will apologize and swear to make changes so that it doesn't happen again and that is won't until it does and you can be sure it will.

Until heads roll with serious consequences attached -- its out of control gov't. 

One of the outstanding things I got by reading what I have of the IG Report is just how much wiggle room is afforded to heads of agencies and their rogues encompasses across agencies thus the fuel for a coup.

I couldn't agree more, Larry.  I recall it was a so-called Republican, George W Bush, who had it implemented. 

My son ticked off at least a dozen security agencies we have in DC a couple of years ago.  Too many and too much wasted taxpayer's money that is not protecting us either by all these agencies or the Patriot Act.

This FISA Court has failed as well. 

I guess you have to be a Harvard Graduate of "Full Bright" scholar to compose and believe all these agencies actually protect anyone. 

Geez, I'm only a high school graduate with several college courses under by belt so I cannot figure this out.................LOL


:~} Norma

if the voting citizenry had the common sense we're referring to we'd have individually pejorative-ized an Ivy League indoctrination'education' in our voting decisions - It'd be the disqualifier it's obvious it should be, ESPECIALLY Harvard.



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