Biden says he got him fired.Plus" Docs prove Biden extortion

In case there is any confusion due to main-street media, here is Biden in his own words:

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The latest on Trump--Biden-Unkrane business: 

he Democrats’ letter is available below. In it, Menendez, Durbin, and Leahy demanded that the Ukrainian government answer their questions about the Mueller probe, and issued an implied threat: “This reported refusal to cooperate with the Mueller probe also sends a worrying signal — to the Ukrainian people as well as the international community — about your government’s commitment more broadly to support justice and the rule of law.”

And this:

Ukraine pledges cooperation on getting to the origins of Russiagate as Justice Department confirms investigation

By Robert Romano

There are many takeaways from the White House releasing the transcript of the July 25 phone conversation between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, but first and foremost is there was no pressure on Zelensky by Trump or any threats to withhold military aid if Joe Biden wasn’t investigated as was alleged by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when she announced the impeachment inquiry into Trump.

The latest I could find backs Trump's assertion:

Solomon from The Hill has the docs on Biden:

Solomon: These once-secret memos cast doubt on Joe Biden's Ukraine story

There are no lengths that they will not go to: ttps://

This is exploding into an all-out dog fight and looking like it's going to lead to war:

Norma, THanks for keeping this updated! Excellent job!

Unfortunately, the only thing Demented-Dems ever understand is, like their fellow Terrorists, EXTREME FORCE, hopefully not to degrade to gunfire!

How the 3 Stooges (Nadler, Sheriff Woody, SwalloWell) can ignore FACTS is truly unbelievable, but to be accepted as just normal SOP for Demented-Dems.

Suize and Rich,

It's not the demented Dems I'm worried about.  It's those so-called Republicans in the Senate.  They will probably go along with the dems. I wouldn't trust them any farther than I can throw them. At my age, I do well to throw paper in  the garbage.

Some background on Biden?

Hillary and Biden?

Why isn't somebody in the media doing this background.  I'm finding things here and there and afraid I will miss something or even worse, posting something untrue.



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