I attended my first AZGOP meeting to elect a new Chair. The process as was expected was laced with shenanigans from the Chairman J. Lines camp viewed by good and true conservatives as a RINO who tried to purge conservatives and/or marginalize conservatives.

Lines aligned himself always with the establishment and participated closely with the McCain political machine. All of this resulted in a midterm “blue” win in AZ.

We conservatives from different districts had a plan to call for roll call voting instead of electronic voting. Two of our good conservatives having done their homework were prepared to counter the push back from the Lines camp.

The room was electrified by those calling for the roll call and it became clear as the Lines camp pushed back roll call was necessary.  The Lines camp did not seem to comprehend that AZGOP had a serious trust issue.

The roll call took place and J Lines lost by an impressive number of votes cast against him.

The hall exploded with joy. Some Lines RINO’s were observed with tears in their eyes.

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Kelli Ward, a woman with a remarkable conservative scorecard, is now the newly elected AZGOP Chairwoman. I viewed Ward as the right candidate that would be a leader to bring conservatism back to our state GOP.

Personally, this old damaged body of mine was experiencing more physical pain but folks my heart and soul was joyous as it became clear as LD’s reported their votes at the mike that Kelli Ward would be our next AZGOP Chair.

It was truly a big win for conservatives.

I threw my hat in the ring for SC to have the opportunity to cast a vote for Kelli Ward.

For all who have not involved themselves as grass-roots PC’s and then as an SC I encourage you to do so. To do so is an opportunity to witness first hand the RINO worsts behaviors and a possible chance awaits to further a constitutional conservative movement.

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Hey Pat.  Just read there a new GOP party head in Arizona.  Glad you have posted it here.

Patricia this is Great News!! Love your Photo!!! We still plan on taking the Motorhome to Arizona this summer!!!

I look forward to meeting you face to face my food friend it will be a happy day.

Great win, now every Conservative needs to stand together. Those nasty pesky RHINOs have more tricks in their bag and will never give up. RHINOs did I say, I meant Democrats with an "R". 

Thumbs up Christine too you.



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