Boehnor AWOL, in Principles and Platform - The Cries For His Removal are Growing

             Why is Speaker Boehnor supporting President Obama's push for military action at this point ?  Why is his henchman and 2nd in command backing Boehnor ?  They are closer to Nancy Pelosi than the vast majority of republicans in the House or the majority of citizens out here in flyover country.  They are aiding and abetting this President in hiding his scandal riddled administration's transgressions by subverting the attention of every news outlet in America.   At last we have an issue he can be held accountable for,  and Boehnor is giving him a leg up.   Once again,  Rance Priebus is AWOL from the entire scene.  Is he at the local Skull and Bones festival or the Harvard Regattas ? 

          As yet another deadline approaches to debate and pass a budget proposal or ( gasp ) shut down the government / continue the sequestration ordeal,  and once again the republican majority in the House have done their job,   and once again the Senate and White House comes empty handed to the party.  All the polls show the MSM is successful in blaming the republicans for not passing a budget,  even while they are the only ones doing their constitutional duties.  Where is the fight from the republican leadership ?  The MSM can only hide so much truth,  and this issue is as easy as it gets when arguing who is the guilty party.  No matter how lame one thinks the republicans are,  this issue is a no doubter.  Using a war we cannot be dragged into as a smokescreen to hide his lame leadership is as hypocritical as it gets.  This only adds ammunition to the argument about his need for a real crisis to create new excuses for his mismanagement of national and international policies.

          Using a humanitarian excuse to intervene in this civil war is ludicrous.  It reminds me of Clinton's efforts during the 90's,  only then we had a booming economy to keep everyone's mind numbed to the 35 individual wars going on worldwide.  We heard about Rwanda's brutal situation,  but that was one of the lone exceptions.  That nation,  as well as the entire Northern third of Africa now is being brutally taken by force by the same jihadists who lived in the caves of Tora Bora.   Mali is the new Mecca of terrorist HQs.  It will be the new training grounds for extremist to perfect their skills.   But we do not have any boom times now,  so why the lack of concern from the MSM ?  How much did they make off the exploitation of 9/11 ?

         So I ask again - where is John Boehnor's principles and why is he not keeping Obama's feet to the fire ?   In 14 months we will have a moratorium on the state of this union unlike any since 1800.  If the election results come back as they did then,  we can expect a different leadership in the conservative movement in Washington.  Before 1996,  I would have guaranteed a landslide victory,  but now I do not trust the RNC or the filthy rich people behind the scenes to do the right thing.   Never trust a man who cries tears of self congratulation because he has acheived his personal lifelong goal.   This was more like a man finding the golden ring of Mordor,   in the form of a gavel,  than a man taking the reins of leadership from the tyrant Pelosi.   The " Precious " will soon be taken back,  and we can only do our best to see it gets in the right hands.

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