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Hello members,

Once again I am flabbergasted by the behavior of some of my fellow Americans... I don't even want to say that...

Today on Facebook you have some complete fool videoing himself while he walked around Walmart having tested positive for the virus he said "F"- yeah if I got it everyone should have it!!" He was saying! I say he ought to be arrested for treason after all is he not a weapon of mass destruction?

I watch humankind degrade into.... something else...

I am even more grateful for the SANE People who have hung in on this website with me for the last 10 yrs... some shorter some longer... I value your friendship and knowledge!

Once again I rely on the vast knowledge of the members of this website... I rely on you to find and post TRUE Reliable News that we can all reply on!! I rely on you to write articles from your extensive knowledge...

Because although not many posts- we do have a great and growing reading audience...

Please post some great info for those who rely on you!

I think Trump's beginning trials with the 2 new drugs is a light at the end of the tunnel however he did not make it sound like a joy ride!

Hope to see you back posting soon!!!

Stay Well, Suzie

Oh if you are sick please keep your distance!!!  Seriously hope you get well soon!!


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.....The crazy part is we [My Little Group of Tea Party pals] had seen this coming. Not necessarily the virus. But a societal meltdown of some sort. Our old Tea Party had long ago become a Social Club of snotty elites and incompetent organizing and managing hangers-on. I've done the research for about 10 years as my health deteriorated and I couldn't go easily to everything. I wanted to do my part. Two of our initial leaders finally gave up and moved away from the Capital City of Jackson Ms. One down by New Orleans and the other up by Memphis. Our Senators Roger Wicker and Now that Thad Cochran passed CindyHyde-Smith are abysmal. Rated by "Conservative Review" at 38% and 35% respectively. They are Democrats. Worse than that they are controlled by the MSGOP, which is in turn lorded over by past Gov. Haley Barbour.

.....Haley as I have researched started with ex-Sen Trent Lott in Ukraine, then with DNC heavyweight Terry Mac Auliffe he brought Obama, Soros Connected Chinese, and Hauwei, the Clinton's, Hillary's Brother And a scheme that I believe is being uncovered Nationally. The Hannity Team and Dan Bongino are at the forefront of the Reporting. Tom Fitton And White House Attorney's Jay Sekulow and Rudy Guiliani work from the inside. And Eric Prince of "Blackwater" and James O'Keefe of "Project Veritas" are like loose cannons going off where you least expect. Or if you're a Democrat pray they never turn up. So if you're watching the stories unfold, what you are seeing is a systematic mafia-style draining of our tax dollars into illegal and treasonous "Black-Holes" that just never get investigated and no one ever chases the money. Billions at a time. 

.....So what do we do? Well, I have a group of about 20 hardcore buddies and Ladies who still came to me for political advice and info on all kinds of stuff. We saw voter education and awareness as the first hurdle to reassembling something that might be the Tea Party or something else. So I conceived a plan to create A video blog and disseminate a twice-monthly Statewide broadcast. I called my pal up by Memphis and he took it to another level. He had rented office space and went daily to show videos and educate anyone who would listen. Now I'm looking for one here in Jackson. And I have interested folks in Hattiesburg and in Gulfport trying to find a way to open one in their area. I also Partnered up with Heritage Foundation to help with the education and provide a National anchor for credibility and recognized education base. We had a meeting for planning, organizing, and fundraising planned for the 21st of March a Saturday. That was preempted by the Virus from Hell. But this is the plan in a nutshell. 

....WE would meet two Thursdays a month. Invite our White and Black Conservative friends and select Church leaders. We would have some food and beverages with a comfortable place to sit and interact. Starting at about 4:00 pm we would have videos and materials on issues and research that would go until 7:00. Then we would have a Statewide broadcast with a Live Audience. Each "Location" would be able to ask questions and to be in real-time. People at home would be able to use our web site and FB page to leave comments and chat [Web Page]. People have no idea what they are voting for anymore and they are frustrated and angry because of that. They gather the information that is untrue, inaccurate, and propaganda and share that. When it becomes know it is untrue they look bad and stop trying to be involved because they have no base to work from. We are going to be just one thing! A place to become informed. Education with faithful Fellowship. Someone else is going to have to handle the action and the rebuilding of the Tea Partys, Republican Partys, or some new version. 

.....The overall picture of corruption and subversion as a whole is overwhelming and Trump has that covered. If we support him! Our task is to take back our own State and then and only then will we have a true National Voice that will be consistent and Constitutional. If we can become a model for others then we can hope to take as many states as possible and push out the Obamas, Soros, Brennan, Clinton, and others who are the "Political Mutts" and have no business in office ever. 

....The hard part is finding the quality of video and Web people and equipment. The Office spaces are surprisingly affordable. The motivation depends on how fed up with what we have now become. So, in essence, the Virus has presented, the last straw, a time-out, and unmasked problems people needed to see. Saul Alinski and Rahm Emanuel both said don't let a good crisis go to waste. That's not a proprietary thought folks. Let's Get Busy! 

.......Here is an example of the level of corruption in just One Incident that I will be presenting for our citizens to see the Corruption that is taking Millions. [

  And here is an example of a video series trailer/test that we did for our local Mayor /City Council  [

......I hope that helps motivate someone out there. And if you want to know how to research your area -Local - City - State. Message me I'll be happy to help.                         

Robert, Thank you for all you do. Every effort we all make is making a difference sometimes its difficult to see that change is happening through the weeds of MSM misinformation of propaganda. But do know there are many of us out here focusing on ways to create a mighty revitalized constitutional conservative movement.

Keep up the good work.

Robert, Thank you for everything you are doing... I have been attempting to revive our regional groups- your plans could spread easily by using the groups...If you like you could add your info here are the links... perhaps you can revive them!

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Suzie, I am not bored. I find myself more involved than ever --  takes more creative effort but in the effort no time to be bored.

Members here on TCC so fortunate to have your dedication to keeping TCC alive.

I am one happy camper today. Good things happening in the neighborhood.

Signatures for the next election cycle for Precinct Committee woman/man due by Apr 6th. Challenge for obtaining signers in my precinct. Folks sheltering in place, activities shutdown in my park but a few of us put our noggins together, not literally, and managed to get our PC Forms signed and turned in and had a great time doing it

Events and mtg's of clubs and orgs that I belong to or attend as a non member to some from time to time -- cancelled -- for now. Some holding virtual mtg's using Zoom. Candidates holding Town Halls on-line. 

LOL my partner Chris and other women of Line Dancing group since activities in the park are shut down they held a virtual Line Dance class via Zoom this morning, I woke to music and Chris dancing in the kitchen. Now the ladies are planning a virtual Happy Hour.

Stay safe my friends and active. We must deliver a victory for Trump & Pence and R's down the ballot 2020!

BTW, It is obvious to me that Biden will not be the dems final nominee, Joe needs to be put out to pasture. I'm thinking Dems are looking a Cuomo now. Silly dems but they are desperate. What's your thoughts?



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