Caravan organizers dump migrants, flee responsibility

Caravan organizers dump migrants, flee responsibility

With the caravan in Tijuana descending into a sozzled mess and den of pestilence, caravan organizers Pueblo Sin Fronteras now say they have nothing to do with it and seem to have skipped town.
Get a load of the interesting stories within this long piece that ran in the San Diego Union-Tribune that begins with a migrant thinking about going back to Honduras (emphasis mine):
"I think this is the end," Benavides said.
The experience taught her not to believe things as they appear, she said. Many in the caravan have said they felt deceived by the messages they received along the way about what awaited them at the U.S. border.
The caravan had leaders as it traveled north, Benavides said, but she hadn't seen them since Sunday's march to the border.

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The organizers and "coyotes" got paid to get the caravan to the border, so they took their money and ran, leaving their customers to fend for themselves.

The longer the invaders stay in Tijuana and overload the capacity of the sewers, much of which drains directly into the Tijuana River, the increased danger of more serious illnesses break out.

I'm afraid we are forgetting Mexico now has a Communist leader who doesn't care about chaos or his own people. Like our Elections are being stolen so have the Mexicans been duped. How will the drug cartels cope with a Communist in charge?  I feel we have yet to see the charge of the invaders. I feel we are in a pause of a big storm as yet not unleased on the Southern Border. A storm is brewing, the likes we have never seen. I've seen our future, when, this past week I went back to AT&T and all the CSRs have Hispanic accents. Even when I asked for a manager I was told they couldn't do anymore for me than I can by the CSR and, I had reached an impasse with understanding each other. I understood her and she had not a wit of English comprehension. I went through at least 7 CSR before I was beaten and gave up. One would think I was the problem and I'm overstating but wait, I had a witness. The Direct TV installer was beside me in my experience and after I hung up he told me they had to go through that all the time in dealing with AT&T CSRs. In all, I spent 2 hours trying to get my original bundle cleared up to no avail. I'm still waiting to get my TV and landline connected since 11/28/2018. I'm already at the point that I am dumping them when the contract is up. The majority of illegal do not want to assimilate. It is we who must accept our new masters. 

When I expect the 100s of thousands to make their move to rush the border I see a camouflage for misdirection by the Fake News Media. Our lawless new Congress will scream the loudest. The Communist in the U.S. will gather their forces and many Hispanics will rise thinking this will be the invasion to conquer America. Many Gringos are naïve to the thinking of many Hispanics, especially the young who think they are entitled. I've been told by a young Hispanic we don't know what is coming. Many Americans think they can keep the Communist in check. This is a misconception on how the Communist work. We never thought 20 years ago we would have so many Communist in the Congress and Senate no doubt one for President.

Still many are afraid to say the word Communist. The young are not afraid of having a Communist be their master. They don't even understand that Communist include Socialist, Progressive and Marxists. Now that we have neighbors who are Communist in Mexico and Canada, the U.S. is their only barrier to uniting North America in one Communist Union. One Social Justice System, One Economic System with Open Borders. This is their goal. Over the next two years they will try and fulfil their destiny. In order to accomplish their goal they must destroy President Trump and all those who support him. We are in for a roller-coaster roll that will continue to go downhill. Tighten your seat belts in case we should go off the rails.


Obrador, the nearest thing to a Communist Dictator, is not a welcomed camper in Mexico . . . . but, those who disapprove will probably end up as cannon fodder for his "drug dealers".

"At one point, the ceremony turned disruptive after López Obrador acknowledged Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro causing loud protests from a group of legislators holding a banner with the inscription "Maduro, you are not welcome" while chanting "dictator, dictator." The feud lasted for a couple of minutes, even as López Obrador continued saluting other dignitaries."

Hopefully President Trump will make Mexico's auto sales in the USA "painful" via tariff's, which should make Ford, GM and others move their manufacturing back to the USA . . . . . AFTER we get the Wall built and machine gun emplacements manned.

Christine,  I had problems with Cincinnati Bell a couple of years ago along the same lines.  I buddled with them in 2012 when they offered me a fantastic deal to drop Dish Network.  There were a myrid of problems as it was the new fibroptics.  I went through problems with Dish in the beginning as well.  But it got the point every time I called I was shipped overseas to foreign people who took me through the steps my son already had figured out how to take:  Beboot.  Unplug behind the tv for a few minutes and then plug back in.  I lost all patience and demanded to talk to someone in the United States of America.  The technician who came after many tries explained that the company saved a lot of money out sourcing those jobs.  Duhhhhhhh.  We now get U.S. citizens or I take it to the Cincinnati Bell store about eight miles up the road.  Saves my sanity although I have the yearly battle of an increase in price.  To which I reply:  "Ever heard of streaming?"  Of course this doesn't take care of the phone.

I can tell you I was among the first to yell at George W. Bush: Citizens first.  That got me no where as I didn't have "big" money to contribute.  I wound up with several 8 x 10 pictures of W and wife.

My latest experience problems have all been with U.S. citizens.  In mid-October I had tile installed in the kitchen and hallway.  I called and called for two months before I finally got the installer promised when I bought the tile in August.  U.S. installers showed up one day on time out of the five it took to install.  They called at 9:30 and said they were on their way the last day and they finally got here at 12:30.  Now what do you do to fight back when your floors are torn apart?


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