“Children occasionally say remarkable or insightful things."

May has blown in like a lion here in the AZ high desert where I live,. We moved to a larger home, recent move, and still have much to accomplish to get truly settled in. Chris has been the heavy lifter working diligently to pull it all off. Take my words as truth when I say, “I’m darn useless”. I struggle a bit with acceptance of that fact. It is what it is.

That feeling I fight each day in attempts to stay relevant within the conservative movement and juggling the political environment within the vanilla R’s nest. I have learned to not allow being ignored.

Then hope inserts itself. Yes Luis “hope” is an emotion but the feeling of it is sweet. Hope for whatever it represents means only that work is required for the hope feeling to become a reality.

The good news there remains high support for the re-election of President Trump. The disturbing news is that getting now Senator Martha McSally elected in 2020 will be no slam dunk.

I volunteered on Saturday 18th to work at my county GOP booth at a Home Show. I was mostly in the way, but I made the best out of the situation choosing to be a friendly sort to all that visited the booth. The only place left for me to roll my wheelchair was a small space outside the booth.

The positive was the booth had many visitors. The county GOP was selling Trump gear. They had to place an emergency order on Friday having sold out of items within three hours. That emergency order was also depleted, and folks were placing orders on Saturday.

Those in the local who are determined to throw themselves in the ring for an elected office were collecting signatures. Lots of activity. Voter registration was also a goal. While I was there, I was encouraging registered republicans to become Precinct Committee women / men. Since mid-January the last figures I read 1000 + new PC’s have been recruited.

We often hear the old proverb “Children occasionally say remarkable or insightful things.”. While sitting in my spot at the Home Show a Mom and her daughter came to the booth. I heard words from the child that gave me hope that all is not lost to for staying the progressive’s march to socialism. This child around 9 years old said to me “I love your hat!”, I was wearing my red hat with “Make Them Cry Again 2020”. She followed with “I am a Trump supporter and Congressman Gosar is my hero.”. Without skipping a beat she said, “I read a lot and I vet and follow those I would vote for if I could vote.” I told her she was a smart young lady. I asked her if other kids ever gave her grief, she responded “when that happens, I ignore them they are just lost for now.”.

I wish I had taken the hat off my head and given it to the child. The Mom and the child did not appear economically comfortable, but they were after purchasing a camouflage Trump 2020 cap for the Dad for Father’s Day.

The wisdom from that child has helped me, she gave me the strength for a renewed commitment to tackle the challenges that lay ahead.

Sometimes when one puts themselves out there in return a gift is given received in a small package. How grateful I am to that young girl child.

We all keep trying to save this Republic. The recent election that took place in Australia informs me that President Trump’s election is making a difference across the planet as well.

My friends here on TCC, keep up your good work, when a feeling of hope rushes over you embrace the feeling and thanks to each for what you do.

BTW, feel free to post your own "Inside Scoop".

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