CHOP/Chaz  Seattle Ended! Got too close to Mayors house! LOL!

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"Rioters" and their "Useless Idiot" Recruits should be placed in Leg-Irons and tasked with cleaning up the mess they created, in ALL CITIES, and also reimbursing the Shop Owners for damages and lost business.

This is a lesson well learned/earned for those who participated in this ignorant display of insanity.

 Right on! I could not agree more and take it one step farther... I wish they could tell us that the high numbers of COVID included them idiots! I would never wish any good person ill well... but in this case...

Our world is damn near unrecognizable! The lack of respect just blows my mind and the stuff that is happening is so blatant and in our faces!!! What they have gotten away with destroying history- priceless... I can't get over the fact that they were not stopped by someone!!

I am proud to say WHITE PEOPLE MATTER TOO! ALL LIVES MATTER! and I do not think that is racist!

It would seem quite obvious, at least to me, that large crowds (100 to 10,000+) shouting "ignorance" at the top of their lungs would expel very large volumes of gaseous emissions, AND, those who are "carrying" Covid-19 could be the reason for the jump in "cases".

Rioters and their "Useless Idiot" recruits are most all in the sub 35 year old age range, where the major jump in "cases" is originating.



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