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American Post-Gazette
Distributed by COMMONSENSE in Arizona
August 13, 2019
It has become old hat for the crazy Left to continue to demonize Republicans, in general and conservatives and Trump supporters (and Trump himself) in particular, as fascists. They even call us Nazis and they call Trump Hitler. (What creativity.)
Let’s look at the facts. Fascism came into prominence shortly after WWI beginning in Italy with Benito Mussolini, then gaining traction and spreading to Germany and Adolf Hitler prior to and during WWII. Hitler’s brand of fascism was Nazism. The Nazis were the National Socialist German Workers Party. Does that sound familiar? Of course it does. It’s today’s American Socialist Democratic Party. Today’s Socialist Democrats-- almost without exception every one of the 20+ Democrats running for president--are bought and paid for by none other than George Soros who actually was a Nazi during WWII. He actually worked for the Nazis, turning over to them his own people (Jews). What a guy. And now he wants to destroy America.

Soros, the little fuehrer, owns the Socialist Democratic Party and finances many of its candidates and violent protesters (see Antifa, Black Lives Matter, among others). And his dutiful serfs and collection of useful idiots do his bidding. And here’s where the fun part starts. Psychologists call it “psychological projection.” That is defined as “humans defending themselves against their own unpleasant impulses by denying their existence while attributing them to others.” Examples are: (1) Democrats claiming Republicans are inciting violence. How many elected and other prominent Democrats have called for violence against Trump and Trump supporters and how many Democrats have actually committed acts of violence against Trump supporters? The list is long. (2) Democrats calling Republicans fascists and Nazis. It’s the Socialist Democrats who are following the path of fascism and Nazism (see above). (3) Democrats claiming Republicans are committing voter fraud and intimidation. Democrats have been caught cheating in elections, stuffing ballot boxes, and registering non-citizens and dead people. When was the last time (first time) you saw Republican thugs standing outside polling places armed with billy clubs? Remember in 2008 when Obama first ran and members of the New Black Panther Party stood outside polling places in Philadelphia? And my favorite (4) Democrats calling Republicans “racists” whenever someone disagrees with a person of color for any reason. We saw that for eight straight years under Obama. If you disagreed with Obama you were a racist. If you didn’t’ support some program Obama proposed, you were a racist. Now, if you disagree with any of the four idiot freshmen Congresswomen or criticize them for any reason, you are a racist. Talk about projection. (Is there a bigger racist in America than Al Sharpton?) The whole idea of identity politics is to divide people based on some nonsensical notion of identity--real or imagined. The Socialist Democrats continue to play the race card, and the gender card, and the (you name it) card. Psychological projection personified.

When a Socialist Democrat looks in the mirror they see something they despise but they rationalize it away by denying its unpleasantness, claim victim hood, and project it onto their perceived enemies. These people really need to take their medication.

Yours in the Cause of Truth,

Alexander Hamilton

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Is this really where the Democrat party is going......or is it there already?  

Fascism is a form of government which is a type of one-party dictatorship. Fascists are against democracy. ... Fascism puts nation and often race above the individual. It stands for a centralized government headed by a dictator. Historically, fascist governments tend to be militaristic, and racist.

Fascism is a heavy word and shouldn't be tossed around lightly.  Do Democrats, especially those that vote, know the meaning of Fascism and if so, do they aspire to it.  Is it just political name calling to say the Democrat party is inclined to Fascism?  

Michael, I agree that throwing labels around in the hopes they stick well dangerous to say the least. It is a form of politics that dominates today. I look back at behaviors and have concluded that much of what the democrat party has been engaged in was a form of deflection tactics in an attempt to cover their sorry butts. In this process make no mistake the left has done a lot of groundwork to indoctrinate the youth. Now easy for the left to unleash their indoctrinated to engage in call to action violence against perceived enemies. The left does not take responsibility nor does their political elected say knock it off.  

We humans want to hang on to some language word that gives one a way to talk about what we see playing out. I have tried very hard to understand how the labels fascist, NAZI and the like could apply to the right. Groups like ANTIFA are anarchistic. For now the left clearly on board with the group. The skinheads and KKK like folks well the right does not claim them as they should. The KKK conceived in the democrat party and that party has now deflacted to ownership by the right. Their masters at this. I believed that Commonsense commentary by pointing out “psychological projection" hit the nail on the head. 

100% gun solution - deport all people and only leave the guns - no more killing in the USA but what of the rest of the world like Mexico where guns have been prohibited by law for over 50 years? Hum you mean it is the people and criminals that break the laws and kill people?

Oh Mangus I see you have made a "common sense" observation.

100% gun solution....hmmmm.  What if everyone once reaching the age to vote are REQUIRED to carry a gun?  If you are stopped and is found not to be carrying a gun you can be fined.  $25 first offence...$100 second offence...30 days in jail third offence.  Well, something like that.  

There exist tons of gun laws. I say no more needed but what is needed is addressing underlying problems within society. And no I do not think most of Americans suffer from mental illness. The illness that plagues America is squarely on the shoulders of the left and left-wing policies. They can attempt to call themselves progressives the dems are good at selling what they are not and deflecting their fraud. Their pandering is like what justfolks described, propaganda. Kinda reminds me of the NAZI program of strength through joy and how did that work out?


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