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Hello Members and Friends,

Fellow Patriots, we really have a serious situation on our hands. My dear Father always said "kiddo if you see it in a movie, especially a Syfy, it can or will happen" Case in point  "Escape from New York" and  "Apocolypse Now" and Seattle...

Escape from New York (Film) - TV TropesVirginia: BLM Rioters Topple Statue Onto Fellow Rioter's Head, Man ...

Between Brainless Barbarians and Dr.s and Specialists claiming knowledge in uncharted territory- We, the People are voluntarily giving up our rights!

We are following orders, staying home, isolating, wearing masks that hide our identity to make us lose our identity, become emotionless, indistinguishable, disconnected, vulnerable, fester fear and lack of trust, take us down financially, open old wounds, create a state of chaos a level never before seen, while community activists stir the pot of racism, the words divide and conquer come to mind. The puppet masters care not about your color or your cause- they only care about the CRISIS!

I am not even going to touch the subject of wearing masks- no one really knows anything!   

However, because while we are consumed by the frenzy, they can and ARE slipping in to take control.

Control is the only collective objective from all factions involved! It's like all the bad guys joined forces, behind the worst kind of evil-POWER,MONEY and GREED all wrapped up in one- the Democratic Party. That's right all these groups, reported to be anti racism- and claiming Black Lives Matter- offering Free everything with no governing force- BS!- follow the money all the way to the Democratic Party. Black Lives Matter funnels most money into the Democratic party!!! George Soros at it again!!!

If ever there was a time for Patriots to Unite- no matter differences- forgive and forget the past- that time is NOW!!

We were Warrior Patriots, not Sunshine Patriots, many of you were the 912 Project, We rallied, we marched, we emailed we called, we sent letters, THEY HEARD US!!! and they need to hear us again! and our President needs to know we back him!

You may be saying -what can I do? Well, begin by sharing, speak out. Reading a forum and keeping up on news is a completely different thing than being a part of Forum...  Members are the Foundation of the site.

Your country needs your actions- not silence! As Beck used to say "We surround Them"...

My promise to you is to always allow you a platform to exercise your First Amendment Rights! People are searching, maybe YOUR words will help that one person!

I will do my best to provide the most updated platform and am always looking for your feedback! Exciting news coming soon!

Welcome New Members!

As always, I appreciate your membership,

Suzie Nielsen

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This blows my mind!!  Info from GoogleScholar

This just blows my mind again! And this is like they are assuming things- read this- it is important! Scientific peer-reviewed articles---

"The precautionary principle is, according to Wikipedia, “a strategy for approaching issues of potential harm when extensive scientific knowledge on the matter is lacking.” The evidence base on the efficacy and acceptability of the different types of face mask in preventing respiratory infections during epidemics is sparse and contested.12 But covid-19 is a serious illness that currently has no known treatment or vaccine and is spreading in an immune naive population. Deaths are rising steeply, and health systems are under strain.
This raises an ethical question: should policy makers apply the precautionary principle now and encourage people to wear face masks on the grounds that we have little to lose and potentially something to gain from this measure?3 We believe they should."

Trisha Greenhalgh and colleagues argue that it is time to apply the precautionary principle "The precautionary principle" is, according to Wikipedia, “a strategy for approaching issues of potential harm when…



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