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Coronavirus aka Covid 19- What you need to know.

As the media attempts to stir the public into chaos, President Trump calmly stated the plan to keep America Safe and Economically Stable. 

I listened to President Trump speak about this virus, and I was once again filled with admiration and respect for this man and I have a renewed gratitude that I am an American citizen and I reside in the Best Country in the World

In researching this virus, I have found a lot of incorrect information out there which will only cause more overreaction and hysteria. If you think Geeze this is "just the flu"- well, I have never seen worldwide preparedness like this for "just the flu!"

Although I do not wish to cause undue panic, I personally believe in preparedness! 

The CDC has very comprehensive info regarding preparedness and facts! I suggest everyone read them... we may think we know it all... but there is always something to be learned...

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Panic is more contagious and deadly than the Corona-virus.  Buying up all the toilet paper at your local store will not aid nor cure you, should you contract the Corona-virus, or any other disease out there floating around, i.e., the flu or the common cold.  All of which are equally deadly if not treated, all can result in a pneumonia of one degree or another.  I am a full blown advocate of preparedness, but not of madness. 

As everyone else I'm sure, has watched and listened to MSM and so-called experts on this new virus long enough to realize there are no experts on this new virus.  Good hygiene is something we should all practice, always, if possible.  I have yet to hear any one of these experts mention what I think are the most toxic places in which to contract any number of diseases.  I watched a news program where airlines are actually fogging the planes with what I assume is a type of anti-biotic spray, this is a great idea, and having worked for a major U.S. Airline for 32 years, I can't help but ask:  Why now?  Why wasn't this done to every aircraft at it's R.O.N. (remain over night) destination?  Although millions of folks travel by air, not everyone does, so not everyone is exposed to recirculated air for the duration of the fight. For those who don't fly at all, where is the riskiest place and most toxic?  It's my opinion it's your physician's "waiting room".  Are physicians offices and waiting rooms being dis-infected every night after close of business?  I seriously doubt they are, but I'm more serious when I say "they should be".  Call your care provider and ask how, and or how often they dis-infect the waiting rooms, the chairs, and the magazines, not to mention the children's little play areas where literally thousands of children a month utilize.  Little crawlers too the toddlers are allowed to handle every germ ridden toy and children's book.  Understand, that the main reason people take the kids to the doctor is because they have the "sniffles, cough, snotty runny noses and fever.  Adults too, see the doctor because they are already suffering from some unknown malady or yes, disease.  The huge bottles of hand sanitizer's on the desks of waiting room personnel for all to use, should be a clue as to the condition of the waiting room itself, should it not?

  So, let's be diligent and ask you physician what steps are taken to disinfect the waiting rooms on a nightly basis at the minimum.  If you're sick and you need to see the doctor, then you should go, absolutely!  If you aren't sick and you're simply taking a family member to the doctor, DO NOT TOUCH anything that you can assume some sick, suffering individual has just handled, take your own magazine or book with you to read.  

Don't panic, pray.  This too will pass. 



Excellent commonsense advice!!



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