David Horowitz: The Democratic Party is Now a Communist Party

David Horowitz: The Democratic Party is Now a Communist Party



The Soviet-Style Push To Paint Trump As Mentally Ill

The president’s actual mental health is irrelevant when you’re carrying out a coup.

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Your wish is my command... Um, or is that your command is my wish?

(not sure if this image violates anything.  If so please delete)

Good point!

Not to alibi for their ignorance, but you can thank our Communist-Inspired Mis-Education System for a generation of Snow-Flakes, which is somewhere around 30% of the population, except for states like Californicate, where it looks like 70% are of the Snow- Flake Vintage.

Maxine Waters is going to give her State of the Union on Black Entertainment Television.  Joe Kennedy will be giving the official Democratic State of the Union response.  Such a dilemma....which one to watch?  I think Maxine's is going to be far more entertaining....lol.   

Here's the thing, for me anyway...  Someone is electing them, millions of someones.  They are going to get the party they deserve.  WE the people need to be ever ready to take them out.  Send them back to their irrelevancy.  

I second that!

Do those individuals know, i.e. understand that it is communism they are embracing? 

President Trump's 2018 State of the Union address is going to make it very hard for people to say out loud 'I support the democrat party', however, the democrat's response is going to make it near impossible.  The way I see it, the democrat response most likely will be full of lies as the truth will expose them for the socialistic, communistic ideology they live by.  Maybe some, or many, of the democrat party constituents will start to ask themselves questions about their support.  IMHO.  

Six or sixty, the democrat party responses will be nothing but liberalistic, communistic, socialistic, un-American bull'ony. 

Leftist's are doing this to satisfy their six personality types; i.e.,
1  Left
2  Far Left
3  "Wacked" out Left
4  Progressives
5  Socialists
6  Communists

and, not to be left out, 70+ genders who have chosen to disassociate from humanity but stay associated with the Left.


Actually, the influence of Russian and Chinese Communism has been alive and well on most campuses of "higher" education for decades. 

Show me a faculty member and the odds are they are Liberal and leaning towards the Communist "faith".

Foreign money gave us obamba and his faked education . . . . money buys institutions of higher learning.



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