David Horowitz: The Democratic Party is Now a Communist Party

David Horowitz: The Democratic Party is Now a Communist Party



The Soviet-Style Push To Paint Trump As Mentally Ill

The president’s actual mental health is irrelevant when you’re carrying out a coup.

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I agree.  The democrat party moving far left to embrace a communism culture came from within, but by the deception of it's leaders.  For years communism has been camouflaged to hide it's true nature and it's consequences.  

The DNC admitted their Party is falling over the Left edge of the earth, into the Abyss of history, when they named Perez as their Communist leader and Ellison, the Radical Muslim Agitator, as his 2nd command, followed by Bernie Sanders, rounding out the lineup as pinch-hitter. 

These three, combined with the unhinged Wackosi, Maxine, Schumer, Durbin and too many others to name, pretty much spells the end of the Democrat Party . . . . unless our Clinically Brain Dead RNC repeats its bad actions and alienates more Conservatives and Independents.

How much clearer does it need to be?


Picture this ... Auntie Maxine Waters is going to give the State of the Union response this year. 

It sure looks to me like the DNC purposely wants to commit political suicide.

I know the Democrats are still having money problems. The large donations aren't coming in like they expected which makes it harder to organize at the State level. 

The President will bury the party and steal liberal donors as he MAGA. 

If Pelosi brings 'Dreamers' to the State of the Union,

Trump should bring ICE agents


And someone should bring A straitjacket for Pelosi.  

We need a Like button on here to calm my frustration when somebody puts thoughts into words that I was thinking or strongly agree with.  LOL

Your wish is my command... Um, or is that your command is my wish?

(not sure if this image violates anything.  If so please delete)

Straitjacket should be put on the people who vote for lyin, nutbag, race baiter Pelosi

Good point!

Not to alibi for their ignorance, but you can thank our Communist-Inspired Mis-Education System for a generation of Snow-Flakes, which is somewhere around 30% of the population, except for states like Californicate, where it looks like 70% are of the Snow- Flake Vintage.

Good point Rich and I will add the Teachers union plays a good part in indoctrinating our children.

Also, not very many Americans know Teachers do take an oath of office to uphold the Constitution. I do wonder why the oath breakers are never challenged.

Maxine Waters is going to give her State of the Union on Black Entertainment Television.  Joe Kennedy will be giving the official Democratic State of the Union response.  Such a dilemma....which one to watch?  I think Maxine's is going to be far more entertaining....lol.   


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