David Horowitz: The Democratic Party is Now a Communist Party

David Horowitz: The Democratic Party is Now a Communist Party



The Soviet-Style Push To Paint Trump As Mentally Ill

The president’s actual mental health is irrelevant when you’re carrying out a coup.

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This part of your link got my attention.... maybe a little off topic, but...

Like his patron, Khalid al-Mansour was no friend of Israel. In one of his typical videotaped rants, “A Little on the History of Jews,” he scolded the world’s Ashkenazi Jews: “God gave you nothing. The children from Poland and Russia were promised nothing. But they are stealing the land the same as the Christians stole the lands from the Indians in America.” 

Every time I hear or read....'stole the land from the Indians..'  I have to ask who did the Indians steal the land from?  Or was the first Indian named Adam?  

And so is the communist liberal democrat party targeting US students.  They are targeting students heads full of mush.  

"Concerned"... The symbolism of 'what to do next'.  Concerned = constipation...lol.   Oh, and BTW, the growing socialist and communist movement in the U.S. is the platform of the democrat party, but not always.  It happened right after, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” .  The thing is, most, if not all of it's constituents don't know or care.  Up until I was 30 something I was an uninformed democrat....until I started to care, think and comprehend.  

Actually the only proven Russian Collusion was between the DNC, "the witch's" campaign, their attorneys, Fusion, Steele who is the foreign-agent-ex_Russian_spy-who-was-employed-by-the-FBI and his personal Russian connections.

How the DOJ can continue ignoring the FACTS is totally beyond me . . . let Mueller be Mueller and let his Inquisitors keep stacking up the Russian Salad Dressing (20 bottles have been found, so far) and instate someone who will dig out the FACTS, those on the surface should be easy pickings . . . . and order up the Orange Jump Suits, but don't forget the extra-longs for comey.

I don't get it.  The DNC and as you put it, "the witch's" campaign, every liberal on the face of the Earth is involved in Russian collusion....out in the open.  Almost flaunting it.  It's like something from the Twilight Zone.  Up is down, down is up, the DNC can't do nothing wrong and The Witch is queen.  

and . . . . now America has just found out Adam Schiff (aka Sheriff Woody) was punked by a couple of Russian comedians about a "risky photo" of President Trump.  Schiff, the consummate and ignorant Lefty, assigned one of his staffers to follow up on it as evidenced by her EMails.

It could be correct that, "every liberal on the face of the Earth is involved in Russian collusion" as it seems the "selected and elected" Lefty's are a pretty valid sample.

Adam Schiff punked by a couple of Russian comedians..... Hahahaha.  I heard about that on Fox News.  I bet the mainstream media is not reporting it.  SNL should do a skit about it.  That way all the Liberals will know about it.  

Why the hell did CNN even interview this idiot?  So they can mention the GOP?  Would they have put the guy on if he was running in the DNC?  

Yup, you're right.  Could ask the same question about all those you mentioned, but my question was to question the hypocrosy of a liberal news provider, CNN.  IMHO, CNN, or at least the interviewer, wasn't just interested to expose a Nazi, but to disparage the GOP.  I just wonder if he were to run as a democrat if that fact would have been omited.  

Ah, ha... are there any conservative members in the democrat party.  What is the democrat party definition of conservatism?  

The old White men and women in Office should tender their resignations. According to "The Networks" on Horowitz's site these are the people leading the Communist movement. White people have got to go. Pelosi's grandchild needs to use a tanning bed to get  brown skin and some brown contacts to be like the kid Pelosi touts. Just think, White people have been spending billions over the decades to get brown skin. I think her mind has gone, she's way behind the times.  

The replies here are priceless! Thanks all!!!!


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