Death Wish: Rising Debt + Rising Rates

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Have they all lost their collective minds? Look I get that some people are leaning Democrat versus Republican and vice versa and that’s fine, but what exactly are voters getting? If, on the one hand, you think Democrats tax and spend too much you get Republicans on the other hand who cut taxes with disproportional benefit to the top 1% and then spend even more. Fiscal conservatives? Please.

In early February the US government was already scheduled to borrow nearly $1 trillion this year.



Mark Levin pummels all Swamp creatures: ‘They’re spending like drunken Marxists’

Elected officials passed “the Swampiest of the Swamp budgets.”

Posted February 12, 2018 by Phil Shiver

On Monday night, LevinTV host Mark Levin refused to discuss the Obama portraits or the media slobbering over Kim Jong Un’s sister on his radio program, instead taking aim at the bigger issue of our day: the eye-popping government spending of taxpayer money.

Levin ripped elected officials for passing “the Swampiest of the Swamp budgets” before blasting them for their massive $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan and other key agenda items.

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Nancy Pelosi Took a Stand, Paul Ryan Did Not
What don’t Republicans understand about

“It’s the spending, stupid”?


Budget Director Mulvaney: No Balanced Budget for at Least a Decade

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I think a lot of this babble about the tax cuts is a lot of political warfare between the left and right to effect the whatevers for the left and right to keep us all in a froth.

If individuals who earn enough to be counted in the top 1%, 5% OR 10% would I think see more in their paychecks than an individual earning $70k a year. 

The usa it is true charged more tax on corporations. I can see lower corporation taxes to endise those who fled the USA, holding trillions of dollars off shore a good thing. What's missing in the conversation is that industries receive subsidy's. They reap rewards from states and locals within states around tax breaks. Corporations get by with a bunch of stuff. My goodness just think that in a roundabout way the wool has been pulled over citizens. Suppose the powers to be both in gov't and corporations knowing that a possible WWIII could break out in Asia. Those corporations that are located there would be at risk. So the tax break is truly just another subsidy for moving back to the good old USA.

Gov't and corporations have morphed into the same thing. Its a Corporatocracy made up of oligarchs.

Now if the 1%, 5% or 10% live in Blue states with high property tax they will pay more due to the 10k cap limit on the fed return.

No way does our household even come close to that cap.

The increase in the deficit, debt, constant CR's, no fiscal restraint, no off-setting and no balanced budget is of concern to me. The looming unfunded liabilities another concern as well the 1 trillion dollar + student loan bubble.

Rising interest rates a concern for inflation. Inflation seems to me hurts the working class and those of us who are retired would feel real pain.

Now that corporations and small business' get a tax break to make them more competitive will they now shutter the EX-IM Bank? No they want.

Trade agreements another source of concern. Has POTUS made gains in renegotiating NAFTA or what about CAFTA?

I do wish that fig newtons mfg would return to the USA from Mexico.

This increase was due to a REAL President being elected in November 2016, even before the tax cuts.  Downside, the Deficit continued to be oppressive . . . . but, "priming the pump" has always caused perspiration.

Just wait will we have a solid 3-4%+ GDP growth for multiple quarters.

AM912, Yes just imagine what you say and all should chew on the thoughts you wrote. Add to it we are now witnessing the same type characters from the streets in "mob rule" methods attempting to run the gov't. The gov't (includes those other members of the Corporatocracy)  slightly different in that it holds immense powers and the toy's to use to protect its powers. Would be ugly when they unleash those toys against its citizens. They would and at some point I predict will. The very people who are being motivated to destroy the persons on the right will eventually have to reign in their foot soldiers of the left. 

The rule of law is at a fast pace being destroyed. No matter what class one falls in rule of law and belief in within classes is disappearing. 

No rule of law and trust in will result in tyranny by the overclass. Our country is headed towards what seems to be a total breakdown. Its insane.

Where are the good people? 

  "Where are the good people?" Great question! I believe we have seen the "trickle down" effect not only in bad politics but peoples behavior in general- America has become a "monkey see monkey do" society... Since Clinton (and before) morality/ethics in America has taken a dump. I was always taught to respect government officials.... but that was long ago in a far away land...when they deserved it...

From President Bush all the way to the last White House days of President O@#$@...O^&&@$#%... hold on, having a hard time typing out ITS name as a president... to un-president Obama...they had the economy crashing to the ground at near the speed of light.  President Trump is way smart and knows not to hit the brakes too hard.  I can't help but wonder what it would be like if WE gave Trump a majority Senate Presidency.  I understand this too well...the mainstream media is the 'white powder' sniffed through the nose of people blinded by Liberalism.  How else can the democrat representatives move their lips and people believe them?  It's the mainstream media, aka, cocaine of the news.  

Michael, I sure hope that voters deliver a majority of Republicans in the midterms for both the senate and house. 

Even if we had a 60 vote majority in the Senate, our "Sloth" Majority Leader would find some way to screw it up, and then there's always McLame and Barney Fife from South Carolina to screw things up.

The only thing worse than that would be Democrats with a 60 vote majority as they stick together through thick and thin, while attempting to end our Republic.

I believe perfection is achieved one step at a time.  At least a 60 vote majority in the Senate would be a step forward.  I think.  There will always be RINOs.  Maybe at the same time we produce a 60 vote majority we could take out the RINOs.  I know, asking for a lot.  

What's wrong with asking for a miracle?  

"The political deep state fights tooth and nail to make sure the constitutional conservatives have a small voice in government. "

We need a hard hitting constitutional conservative Reagan.  Could that hammer be Trump?  It is clear, to me at least, that Trump is not a pure political partier.  The republican party is the closest thing to his principals is all.  His number one principal is WINNING.  Before he decided to go for the job of President of the United States of America, his principal of winning was for himself.  Now that he is President, I believe his principal of winning if for the people's constitution.  Do we, or should we, adopt a 'do or die' attitude towards President Trump, supporting him come hell or high the democrats do with their leaders?  We shouldn't let the Deep State, locked and loader with a mainstream media, pit us against Donald Trump, who happens to be the President.  It's time to go all the way.  Come hell or high water.  

Sessions crapped in his mess-kit, either on purpose or because he felt he needed to. 

President Trump's hands are tied behind his back, until Sessions is replaced with a fire-breathing AG (I hope!!!), AND, the beady-eyed Rosenstein is removed, permanently, along with a few dozen of his "henchmen".

Draining the Swamp will take some time and won't be a pleasant experience for our "selected crooks" . . . Sessions only added to that time by adding to his mess-kit.

I thought of Sessions as a good Senator. He has proven as the AG ill equipped to take on the swamp. Massive job to do that successfully for sure as you asserted need a "fire-breathing" and I say a "slash and burn" the weeds character for the job.

Hahahaha.....American912, you see lots of questions.  I think in my last comment I asked one.  " Do we, or should we, adopt a 'do or die' attitude towards President Trump, supporting him come hell or high the democrats do with their leaders?"  I don't understand why you put President Trump down for being a deal maker.  The Constitution was a DEAL.  You think those guys got together on day and had exactly the same thing in mind?  Word for word?  President Donald H. Trump.  H for Hammer.  It's some of the republicans in Congress who are deflecting his 'slam' of the hammer.  Search for the truth and information on them.  Maybe then President 'Hammer' Trump will be able to take full swings.  


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