Deep State Planning to Install Pelosi Then Clinton as President

Roger Stone warns deep state are planning to install Pelosi and Clinton as president

Deep State Planning to Install Pelosi Then Clinton as President

Political consultant Roger Stone warns that the deep state is planning to overthrow President Trump so that they can install Nancy Pelosi as President as part of a coup that will eventually see Hillary Clinton enter the White House.

“The deep state seeks to fabricate some misdeed by the Trump campaign that is sold as Russian collusion,” said Stone.
“That way they can remove both Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, paving the way for Nancy Pelosi to become president.”
“Pelosi will then appoint Hillary Clinton to the vacant Vice Presidency after which Pelosi would resign as president allowing Hillary to take the White House which alluded her grasp in 2016.”

Trump and Pelosi are currently locked in a stand off over the government shut down.
Yesterday, Trump pulled a power move by blocking Pelosi’s trip to Brussels and Afghanistan by halting her use of military aircraft.

This followed Pelosi’s demand that Trump postpone his State of the Union address – scheduled for January 29 – or simply put it in writing.

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Layon, They got Obama in by swearing he was qualified to run.  He lied. And a phony birth certificate appeared.  That's the conclusion I've come to since reading, hearing and seeing as much evidence has been leaked out.  It wouldn't surprise me if that's exactly why they want to impeach Trump now.

The U.S. House can impeach all they want -- if my memory is correct the Senate enjoys the majority as R's. Granted there is the Mueller witch hunt hanging over our heads like a plague. I do think Barr is a backstop. There are R's whom I believe are part and parcel anti-Trumpsters + a uniparty members. Some number of even the anti  Trump crowd will be up for re-election and to get re-elected they most likely suck up to the President. Mitch although a status quo elite well aware that to keep his dream job must do what it takes to support Trump. Honestly do you think the Senate would even take the tainted meat the House will send them in the form of an impeachment.

The left leaning House are truly loons, and even many citizens who do not approve tootally of our President I just believe that they would not approve of an America that the left will take to socialism and communism.

The collusion came from Hillary's campaign, WH under O, FBI heads, CIA and their well trained dogs in MSM.

It's said that 42% of the Country still believe what the media tells them. If that were true then we would see millions marching in every town across this Nation demanding Socialism. The Socialist propaganda media lies so much they no longer know what truth is anymore. Yet, we must believe they only need 20% of the population to push their propaganda and fraudulent elections to keep winning seats. They maybe pushing Clinton but it seems they will have 20 to 40 running for President which means it's up for grabs. Clinton doesn't have a chance in hell of winning so who are they covering for that will be sprung on us in the end. I have no doubt the Socialist propaganda media will tell us if we will listen. 


unfortunately a large part of the percentage is our generations, who have CNN +/or one of it's subsidiary stations on their tv all day. 

i don't get to see much of my long-time+eldest friends these days due to my 24x7x365 caretaking responsibilities, and my absence from them is now on BIG display when i do get to visit. They never hear truth or sound logic anymore, all they hear is that CNNish garbage and even though they will deny it forms their opinions for them - it so obviously does.  ...and making that clear is quick+easy, although not very pleasant conversation.

Larry, It is true that which propaganda one pays the most attention to does in fact form our opinions. I try to keep an eye of the lefty's must say it is getting very difficult to do that. The left-wing mouth-ers are truly sicko's.

Propaganda to me is by definition agenda laden, full of lies, and when one recognises it run the opposite way.

The DNC "stable" of candidates will resemble a Police Lineup as many of them will have a history of being anti-American which President Trump will capitalize on.

The question is . . . . will brain-dead SnowFlakes vote and move America to a socialist nation?  Hopefully, SnowFlakes will be more interested in playing video games in their Mom's basement and see voting as an interruption in their day-of-play. 

Illegal, deceased and found-votes-in-a-car-trunk may send our Republic into the fully socialist category?

Rich, What you said rings with truth. The best candidate for President the DNC had running in 2016 they made sure to marginalize, that would have been Jim Webb, and although I think Trump would have prevailed Webb would have been a force to return some sanity to the left and left-wing of the looney bins. Clear msg. by doing that that the left would not abandon their chaos identity politics.

Yep I am thinking that K. Harris may be the one to rise to the top of the loons. Now she is a piece of work and as such would provide the Snowflakes a reason for not going to the polls.

I would suggest that all of us located in states across America put up a good fight to shutdown any attempt in ones state by lawmakers to vote for the NPV Compact.

I  think the hordes of DNC candidates is  ploy by the left to dominate the airwaves. I also think it will backfire on them. 

One thing sticks in my mind is not to believe a dang thing a demoncrat says,  My goodness 2 women ran as R's and then switched to a D after they were elected one saying R did not reflect her district.  Peelosi said during the mid-terms say what you must to get elected and the D's did that.

I see an implosion of the path of the D.

How many Americans would listen to debate after debate of X large numbers of D candidates? Honestly I imagine that the D candidates will be taking big bites out of each other.

Can you even imagine that one would not see the optic of Beto in the dentist chair every time you saw his mug. How stupid was that of Beto?

These leftist have become unhinged and consumed by hatred and vengence against President Trump.Dmemnetd, deranged and placing this country in GRave danger by their plots and agendas. If something like this were to happen I think revolution would erupt.

As to propaganda....They are very meticulously pursuing, with the full cooperation and collusion of the MSM, a propaganda campaign that would make Jospeh Gobbles giddy with glee and proud as a,new papa.  The really sad sad thing is their intellectually lazy and indoctrinated base has been swallowing the propaganda for so long I doubt they have any ability to think and find the truth on their own.

We  and Trump have a huge fight on our hands for this country and our future as a free and Constitutional Republic and I doubt any true patriot would walk quietly into the fascist night  the progressive left and democrats plan on creating.

I am reminded of the following Bible verse...If my people, who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and turn form their wicked ways, the I will hear from heaven and heal their land".

It's going to take lots of prayer, steadfastness and commitment to turn this tide. I feel we are on our last opportunity to correct the course this nation has been on.


First- so good to see you! Once again your words are right on. But we must act, we must grow, this erratic behavior has a trickle-down effect that is invading our communities- mine for sure! I feel like I have woken into the movie invasion of the body snatchers... everything that used to be unaccepted is now mainstream

... upside down and bassackwards...


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