Educational War Needed to Repeal 16th & 17th Amendments

Educational War Needed to Repeal 16th & 17th Amendments


The JohnBirch Society
Published on Aug 31, 2015
JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly news video update for Aug. 31 - Sept. 6, 2015.

In this week's Analysis Behind the News video, JBS CEO Art Thompson discusses how none of the Republican candidates for president is talking about repealing the 16th (income tax) and 17th (direct election of senators) Amendments that were ratified in 1913; how the 16th amendment gave the federal government power over individuals; how the 17th amendment destroyed one of the key checks and balances within our system of federalism by taking away the power of each state legislature to appoint two senators to represent its state in the U.S. Senate; and how we must start the process of repealing the 16th and 17th Amendments by waging an “educational war” to point out why this must be done.

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The 16th was not passed legally by the required two-thirds states following the constituional rules.  Alexander Knox pushed it through anyway.  I believe it was the good citizens of Wyoming that did the research and had the proof on this years ago.  None in our government have shown the initiative to delve into it and expose it.

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I notice that the 14th amendment isn't included.

..and have some opinion about that;

Current immigration/invasion events tend to make anchor babies the main topic of concern of the 14th amendment, which is rightful concern. But I think the 14th amendment's primary infringement on our founding intent is making us all citizens of the United States. It was done highlighting the feature of having federal powers protecting us individually, under the guise that protection of blacks from their state's oppression was necessary - since slavery had been recently eliminated and the southern states were obviously oppressing blacks. I separated that last part due to it being a faux cause. Lincoln's letter to Horace Greeley makes it perfectly clear the civil war was about restoring national authority, which was expanded and codified by the 14th amendment.

When we individually became citizens of the United States we not only got federal 'protection' but also became individually under the authority of the federal government, since responsibility and authority go hand in hand.   ...and I suspect that is also directly tied to the assumed authority to pass the 16th amendment, federal government taxing our incomes individually.   ...and since then taxing us individually has been the method of taking infinite authorities over our individual behaviors that were never intended to be any of fed/gov's business.

The anchor babies effect of the 14th amendment isn't good- but I think what I've pointed out makes the 14th amendment the most important amendment to repeal. It gave fed/gov authority over us individually and it can't help but to use it take full authority over every aspect of our lives.  ..that's just what governments do when allowed and enabled.


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