Well, here we go! How do you feel about this? And isn't this cloning?

California startups are growing meat from animal cells

As concerns grow about the sustainability of meat production, some startup companies say they may have a solution: growing meat from animal cells in laboratories. NewsHour Weekend’s Megan Thompson visited two startups in California producing “cell-based meat.” This story is part of our "Future of Food" series, hosted by Mark Bittman and supported by the Pulitzer Center.

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  • Mark Bittman:

    With all of the concerns about the ethics, environmental impact and sustainability of meat production, many people are looking for alternatives. By now you've probably heard about the surge in popularity of burgers made solely from plants – even Burger King plans to serve one in all of its restaurants. But could it be possible to grow what amounts to real beef or chicken in labs, with no animals killed in the process? And could such a process actually be sustainable? It may sound like science fiction, but Megan Thompson traveled to California where a few companies are working to get lab-raised meat on your plate in the very near future. This report is supported in partnership with the Pulitzer Center.


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I imagine that even AOC would approve of beef that doesn't fart while on the hoof.  Stop and think now, modern science has been able to clone human body parts for a number of years now.  I'm thinking this procedure will be so expensive that eating cloned hamburger will be way in the future.  Then again with our new U.S. Space Force, space travel would be easier if they could actually clone and grow fresh meat and veggies on board spacecraft for long distance travel.  It really won't be Soylent Green until they start pressing dead folks into little cracker squares.  However, there are some Leftists who already push for human consumption of human flesh.  As for me, I'd rather eat a tree grown apple.  


Jerome, you made me laugh! Dead folks into little cracker squares!! OMG!! LOL!

I am with you- I want the apple off the tree!! Good to hear from you!

YES they will spend billions researching these alternatives that we will have to depend on them to produce , but do you ever hear of these alternatives in the MSM ???? This little film is huge as far as a food supply answer's that also supply's Free energy as a by product !   



an ABOMINATION!  Un-Natural and consequently as with all most bio-engineered food sources am sure it will have toxic consequences on the long term. EWWWWWW

I live, unfortunately, in Kalifornivsky...and nothing that happens in this perverse state surprises me any more. Would like to find out what the startups are and where they are or intend to market their Frankenstein Meats.

Just because science says it can be done does not mean it should be done.


Look at it this way. Not only has science claimed that cloning animals and a number of body parts, mostly for the wealthy who think that the right compatible body parts will keep them alive indefinitely, God forbid! Can you imagine All the Leftist Democrats never passing on, what a revolting development that would. Science is not being embraced by LGBTQ and especially the "so-called Transgender" crowd of lunatics. Basic Science, Basic Biology and basic Animal Husbandry tells us the human race is made up of 2 chromosomes XX-Female and XY-Male. Yet the Liberal "insaniacs" (I just made that up) are bound and determined to prove they can do the impossible and "trans-gender themselves by imagination, surgery, deviate thought and of feelings. Well it can't be done, you know, I know it, the Scientific world knows it, they encourage it. My final thought: Just because it's not scientific, not natural doesn't mean sick twisted freaks in among the abnormal society won't try it.



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