Have a safe and Happy 4th of July! 

 As you Celebrate please take a moment to remember...

Freedom is NOT Free

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This is turning out to be the best 4th of July in the memory of this 74 yr old woman.

Liberty and freedom is NOT free. We can all stand up and to fight to keep this Republic great.

Trump 2020!

Thanks for the links I enjoyed. You have been missed.

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a portion of my most enjoyable Independence Day article of the day, so far;

Here are all the ways in which Jim Rockford is TV’s great American…

Rockford is a Veteran who was wounded and won the Silver Star in the Korean War. (Garner, who was also a great American, earned his own Purple Heart in Korea. He also marched for civil rights before it was cool, took no crap from any man or employer, and was married to the same woman for 56 years.)

Rockford’s an entrepreneur who ekes out a hand-to-mouth living as an independent, self-employed private investigator. He could never survive in the government bureaucracy or corporate culture he frequently sneers at.

Rockford cherishes the American Constitution and never stops demanding his rights from the various government officials who constantly harass him.

He regularly challenges, insults, and dismisses authority. Rockford spent years in San Quentin for a crime he didn’t commit and has no love for the corrupt System that put him there, but plenty of love for the Bill of Rights that won his pardon.

Rockford’s  almost always the smartest guy in the room but no elitist.

He drives an American car — that gold Pontiac Firebird.

He eats junk food and meat.

He owns a gun. Better yet he doesn’t have a permit to carry it and still does on occasion.

He smokes cigarettes.

His independence means he doesn’t take guff from anyone, unless of course he’s in physical danger, then he’ll eat all kinds of crap because he’s no idiot.

He’s a gentleman and chivalrous to the ladies — a real Neanderthal who opens car doors, lights cigarettes, steps into harm’s way to protect them, and yet still treats them as equals.

He’s a reluctant hero who keeps his virtues to a minimum “because they’re easier to keep track of.” In other words, he’s not a pompous virtue-signaler.

He’s loyal to friends — even reprobates like Angel Martin.

He loves his dad.

He’ll throw a punch.

He fishes.

He grills.

He loves football.

You’ll never see him in a chain restaurant, only local places, most especially taco stands.

He doesn’t own any plants.

He drinks beer.

He exceeds the speed limit.

He burns fossil fuels.

Above all, Jim Rockford is first, last, and always his own man. His independence, his unwillingness to conform to anyone’s idea of how he should live his life, work his profession, or bow to authority is as American as it gets. He doesn’t tell anyone else how to live their life, and as long as you don’t cross that busybody line with him, there won’t be a problem.

You’ll never see Jim Rockford wave a flag or march in a parade or enter a voting booth… But what could be more American than dressing down a surly bureaucrat or choosing to live and work out of a broken down house trailer as opposed to the McMansion that comes with selling your soul to a corporation?

What could be more patriotic than shoving the Bill of Rights up the ass of an officious authority figure abusing his government power or turning down a case because you’d prefer to go fishing and drink beer with your dad?

Mind your own business. Don’t take anyone’s shit. Distrust authority. Keep a gun in the cookie jar. Never conform. Drive a fast car. Pay your own way through life…

Jim Rockford isn’t just an American…

He is The American.

Happy 4th, y’all.



I always liked James Garner, kinda figured it might be due to him being a fellow Okie. That list of virtues supports that, for our era anyways. Yeah they're applied to his character Rockford and not Garner, but as is pointed out in another part of the article they were pretty well a constant in his characters... Maverick as example.

Thank You Hope Everyone had a fantastic Fourth of July, safe and enjoyable with friends and family.  

I am so enjoying having a President that works so hard for our all of us and our country.  Please continue to pray for him, his family and his administration.  He's not perfect - but do any of you remember ever a time when there was a perfect politician (yes I know he is really a business man and not a politician)?  I've been legally in this country since President Dwight Eisenhower and I don't remember ever having a President that I felt had our backs like this one.  I have never felt that my vote was so well used and proud to say I voted for this current President and have no doubt what so ever that I will be voting for him again in 2020!  THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT!  TRUMP 2020, God Bless America.

On a more puzzling, maddening,  exasperating tone - I was at a fireworks display that was superb, surrounded by well to do upper class areas of what should be intelligent, educated Americans.  Much to my surprise that as the fireworks began and the National Anthem began (sung by Whitney Huston) I was just about the only one out of maybe 400 people that stood up!  WTH! I was always taught that no matter what you are doing you stop, remain silent and stand while the National Anthem is played/sung.  I have no doubt that there were Veteran's in the crowd so I don't get it.  Is there a time during fireworks that you don't have to stand????  Am I being too touchy?

No Jo you are not being touchy you were having a good patriot moment!


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