How do you really feel about Politics-Take the Political Compass

Hello Members,

I found this very interesting and eye-opening...

Take the Political Compass Test... I think you will be surprised by how you really feel--- be careful reading questions tricky wording!

I do not think most Democrats will come out where they think they are- and I will share my results later because it is not what I thought!!

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I took the test, it was interesting even though a number of the propositions left no middle-ground answers. However, the total amount of questions asked was able to semi-accurately place my score about where it should be.  My personal score couldn't be nearer dead-center of the crosshairs than if I put it there myself. (in essence, I guess I did.)  I was a single box to the Left but on the centerline.  I would have thought I'd been a single box to the Right, that was interesting.  It must be considered that any such test as this one, will finally have a +/- margin of error.  Assuming that margin, I can assume I'm dead-center.  I have always been able to debate any side equally, making good points for both sides of a debate subject.  My personal belief is that I should have landed the one single box to the Right as I will inevitably always see the right as being obviously more honest, truthful and moral.   My motto:  "Always speak the truth, even if it makes your voice shake."


Hi Jerome,

I found this interesting also, I think the variables of "very strongly" or just "strongly" I hate to admit I landed about 4 boxes to the left!!LOL! Maybe I should take it again!!

I keep encouraging folks to take the test because I feel people have let party labels describe them and they are wrong...

Questions "propositions" are tricky good warning issued. I have not taken the challenge I am still thinking about participation or not. I'm leaning towards not.


I thought for sure you would like this!

I was surprised, but I am Ok with the results- it helped me to clear up a few questions I had!



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