Hello Members,

To keep you updated!

It must be "meant to be" that I own this site! This is the third sale, that is not working out...

I am still awaiting one reply from Ning. But it looks like I will still be the owner of the site!!

So before you abandon ship please allow a couple of days (hope sooner) for me to get all details...

 I apologize for any inconvenience,


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Still here!

I understand the desire to sell the site and recover possibly some investment. I went in to distress because all the faithful members I would miss deeply.

Glad you are still here...

LoL   ;-)

   still here

Remember I was a sailor, we don't abandon ship.

LOL!! Thanks Bob! I hope you will keep your position as our own Padre!!

God works in mysterious ways.

Your members are blessed.

ABH, Yes... it is mysterious... I thank you for your kind words and your continued membership and friendship...

Semper Fi, we don't leave anyone behind.  All in, all out!

Jerome, hello to you. 

I guess God's hand on your shoulder gave it a little extra squeeze to let you know He was still with you. I, for one, will continue to follow you as long as you are willing. I missed you these past two days. I guess you are one of the family after all these years. I must admit, I'm in a bit of a quandary. Part of me wishes you the best with your retirement and part of me would like to see you stay. I guess the later is my own selfishness. However it turns out I know God will always guide you. 


You are such a sweet gal... I think you are right, after three times, I guess God wants me to have this site... I will have ot make some changes so it is not soo stressful and I will have ot ask for a couple of helpers... Especially since I am going to have back surgery in the near future...more later..

I was pleasantly surprised to see a new posting, The last one I got said the site was sold and done. We`re still in the fight down here in the South. I recently made contact with  an author of a well researched book about the fall of Vietnam and how the story you think you know is wrong, it was recently made into a documentary. I`m up to my ears in projects, but will be posting a link with some additional info soon. Glad you all are still here.


I am glad your happy, that makes me happy! I would miss everyone too much! Please do share about any projects you are involved in...

I will be making a few minor changes, adding some other forum venues...

Thank you again for hanging in there with me...


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