Hello Members,

To keep you updated!

It must be "meant to be" that I own this site! This is the third sale, that is not working out...

I am still awaiting one reply from Ning. But it looks like I will still be the owner of the site!!

So before you abandon ship please allow a couple of days (hope sooner) for me to get all details...

 I apologize for any inconvenience,


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Ya know what they say......'Forth time is a charm'. 

I wasn't keeping track of "the times" only grateful TCC is still plugging along.

I'm still here Suzie.  Not going anywhere :-)

So good to see you and know you are still around! Thanks for sticking with me...

Hello Suzie, 

   I hope all goes well with your surgery and that your recovery is swift. I also hope you and others here can trust the fact that law enforcement does make false claims about crimes and see the Civil Jury Trial B180146 Cloud v Marion unfold as I demonstrate how we do something about it. I'll post it for discussion once I figure out how to post topics. Yea, I'm not so sharp on some things.

As for God urging you to keep the site, since 2013 the big global pot has been stirred by the Pope which led to the Motu Proprio. Now he has traveled all over to advise the powers that be "Do not resist the armies that are about to come over you." The public trusts have been revealed, the law was changed to recognize a corporation as a man and a man as a corporation for the purposes of setting the Doctrine of Piercing the Corporate Veil, and the whole scam is falling down. Social sites like this may prove invaluable as a way for information to be exchanged as the expatriation explodes and our courts are streamlined to handle the cases filed for damages to every person. Few people realize it is happening right now. I sat in on a common law grand jury hearing on the indictment of a Federal Judge who tried to dismiss the suit against Paul Ryan and all of the Governors. All it takes is 25 American Nationals and you practically have the power of a Nation. You will not hear a thing about it on the news. They are all about Entertainment DC and Teflon Don. 


Did you see the link I sent in a reply in the Steam Room? It is a link to begin a discussion or do you see the ---+ADD---that is where you begin! good luck


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