There has been a lot of discussion about communists/socialists/progressives in our Government. I resurrected this information from from back in 2010...

This time I am going to see if there is interest in this project - before I do all the work!

Below is some of the information and some links to the past project...

First some general background information!!

What is The HUAC?

House Un-American Activities Committee

The House Committee on Un-American Activities (HCUA) or House Un-American

Activities Committee (HUAC), (1938–1975) was an investigative committee of the

United States House of Representatives. In 1969, the House changed the

committee's name to "House Committee on Internal Security". When the House

abolished the committee in 1975, its functions were transferred to the House

Judiciary Committee.


Many people alive today do not remember what the House Un-American Activities

Committee was. HUAC was an investigative committee of the United States

House of Representatives that looked into subversion of the U.S. Government.

It investigated those accused of being Communists within the U.S. Government,

the Media, especially in Hollywood, and to a large extent, it was successful in

exposing Communist infiltration. It rooted out Communist operative Alger Hiss.

It revealed the extent of infiltration of the film industry. It served America and

protected it from what was then the most serious threat to the National Security of

the United States of America – COMMUNISM.

After the 1950'S, a generation of leftists and fellow travelers in academia and the

media claimed that the efforts of the HUAC and Joseph McCarthy in the Senate

had been nothing more than a witch hunt. They claimed that it had destroyed

peoples' lives who had nothing to do with Communism.

But, in the 1990's, The Verona transcripts of Intelligence intercepts from the former

Soviet Union PROVED that most of the people that HUAC was investigating had

been involved with Communist groups and many had actively spied on the U.S. for

the Soviet Union. The old lefties still claim that HUAC was just a bunch of

right-wing crazies, but the truth is exactly the opposite. 

Today we have other threats, more dangerous ones, that exist in our Country. The

old far-left still exists in the form of the ACLU, The National Lawyers Guild, along

with Unions like SEIU and AFL-CIO, that are today's enemy within. We now see

the Unions partnering with Communist Organizations in our country, like CPUSA!

Their unity was on full display in California on May Day! A May Day rally in Los

Angeles, co-sponsored by the SEIU and various communist groups, as well as

other unions, reflected yet another step in the normalization of self-identified

communist and socialist ideologies in the Obama era. Not only did the SEIU help

to organize the rally in conjunction with communists, they marched side-by-side

with communists, while union members carried communist flags, communists

carried union signs, and altogether there was no real way to tell the two apart.


What we need is a group of brave men and women in the U.S. Congress, that are

dedicated to rooting out Subversion of the United States. As long as this enemy is

left to flourish and as long as there are those within our own Government and

Media that turn a blind eye to the danger, our country's very existence is at stake.


BRING BACK HUAC! Let's take this fight directly to our enemy and stop them from

destroying our Great Country!

Glenn Beck-McCarthy and the Venona papers 

Proof Joseph McCarthy was correct and the progressive cover up that

worked for 50 years til the Verona papers.

 Michelle Bachmann and Rep. Steve King both have voiced their support for

 bringing back the HUAC!

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Now, I need your feedback...

Are you interested in participating in this project???

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There's too many Communist and Socialist members employed by our government and too many trying to change America and it's time it stopped. 50-60 years ago would the President of this United States have gotten away with defacing the Stars and Stripes as he did by having his face put in place of the stars on it? Would he have been allowed to ignore the Congress and call them Irrelevant, as he's done? Would he have gotten through WITHOUT being properly vetted as well as his mostly socialist appointments? We don't need McCarthyism craziness but we need the HUAC!

Lisa: McCarthyism was not crazy.  He knew exactly what he was talking about.  If he had been backed up by the people and allowed to finish his work we would not be where we are today.  In fact our country would have been so much more prosperous that it would have been a pure utopia by now.  Instead they had enough power and the people failed to back him up so they shut him down and have gained more and more power until we now have a situation where majority of government is either registered communist or closet communists.  How do you propose to reinstate HUAC against them now.  People are screaming bloody murder and are completely ignored as if we matter not.  If you push hard enough you wind up dead (Brietbart, and many others).  I am amazed that Alex Jones, and Glenn Beck have survived this long.  I shouldn't even be saying this.


Yes---I know that Communist do exist in our Government.

It is an imposssible task suzie.  All communism is amounts to a philosophy.  These members of Congress and their minions would just change their name and go underground if we did do something of substance.  Even the FOX reporters do not realize there is an openly communist group in Congress that Col.West described.  Bernie Sanders,  the long time Senator from Vermont had a C beside his name until the Reagan years.


Even HUAC did not make communism illegal.   The communists had to register their names in a database.  They could,  and can still run for office or enjoy any other freedoms that our constitution provides.  Joe McCarthy was neither crazy,  a drunk or any of the other slanderous labels the progressives put on him.  A true way to tell how successful anyone has been in their efforts to destroy this evil is to look at how the progressive's have written about them in their revised history books.  McCarthy's efforts in the Senate did out people who were spying for Uncle Joe Stalin,  and they were allowed to return to Mother Russia and lived as heroes just to save face for Truman.    Truman's closest confidant and advisor was one of these moles.   He knew more than the Joint Chiefs about National Security. 


Boris Yeltsin said in a drunken slur,  " Socialism is just the slow road to Communism ".  That is the path Obama and Co. are fellow travellers on.   We have to cut the tether between his group and real Americans.


Gripe of the day - We constantly allow these trolls to say being Amwerican means letting all doctrines fester and infect our way of life.     P.C. gone wild !   Stand up and be proud of our heritage and realize what it stands for and how much has been sacrificed to keep it reasonably recognizable for future generations.  Allowing sedition in the name of the 1st Amendment is exactly what we are doing now. 

House Unamerican Activities Committee -- I understand each word except unamerican.  So I ask, what is American?  Let's define it.  Then, we will have a basis upon which to identify activities that are un-American.  You see the problem.  This essentially boils down to -- if your philosophy doesn't match mine you are not one of me or my group.

Communists tend to be utopians.  The naive among them (mostly young or without world experience) believe in a perfectible world. Those who have moved past utopian-ism tend to be egotistic and dictatorial because YOU don't understand how things (should) work.  The problem with utopian philosophy is that it denies the nature of man or views it as perfectible. Utopian thinking is mechanistic.  It establishes "rules" that all should live by regardless of the nature of and natural rights of man.  For this reason alone it will ALWAYS fail (as it has in the past).

Utopians are not realistic.  Therefore they are not American.  Therefore they are un-American.  Therefore they should be exposed and perhaps punished.  But wait, don't we believe in freedom of speech and freedom of expression?  If we go down the path of HUAC, are we not denying some the very guarantees that we ourselves hold dear and are willing to die for?

Let's define American.

Allow me to offer this as an answer to that question.  Being American is simple,  yet the foundation has to remain solid.  The flexibility in the 1st Amendment crosses all color and religious barriers - with one huge caveate.  All who choose to live here must live by the laws of our land.  Peoples from all over the globe have and still do migrate here for the freedoms and opportunities the Founders fought and died for.  The deaths of millions of Americans since,  fighting to keep those freedoms,  keeps the migration flowing.


Original intent is debatable only to a point.   From Hamilton to Jefferson,  and all in between.  The definitions of their beliefs are well documented.  Contrary to many beliefs of originalists,  everything done in any of the three branches of Government has been legal.   The abuses of power by this current President will be struck down in large part by the SCOTUS nad the defunding of his fiats by the House of Representatives. 


Jefferson,  who I believe the vast majority of people here and in the tea party movement consider the poster child of American doctrine,  predicted all of what has happened,  and accepted the change as a great ship accepts a wave.  He spoke of the human nature of man,  the deadly sins which will arise and threaten our way of life.  He also spoke of the responsibilities of the People,  and the safeguards put in place to return us from the errors made by power mongers or Utopian dreamers.   Those safeguards still exist,  and I thak God daily that the SCOTUS still has a slight majority of Justices who believe in the basic principles of the constitution.  I see the seats of power changing back to a more originalist way of thinking.  Glenn Beck is right - the majority of good people will not act with any passion until the great ship is close to capsizing,  then they act to right that listing to the left. 


The constitution was based,  in every aspect,  on Christian doctrine.  Every major religion in the world except Sharia Islamic Fundamentalism incorporates the same basic tenets as Christianity.  Why is there any hesitation in our decisions to punish those who break our laws because it does not jive with their religion ?  The constitution could not be any more plain in explaining this difference between freedom of religion and unacceptable behavior.   People say it is our diversity that makes us great.  That is CRAP !  Diversity has enjoyed the fruits of our labor since the day they landed in this land.  Most have embraced it and do realize this very reason they chose to leave their family and generations long homeland was the right choice.


Ask yourself,  why was this great land,  vast in natural resources and area,  with dozens of premade year round sea ports for import / export,  and geographicly the easiest land to fend off invasions - why was this land saved as the last chance for peoples oppressed worldwide.  Why were the Founders and especially the Framers of our constitution given the histories of six thousand years of documented failures,  along with the successful efforts which crumbled over time,  and with no disrespect meant for native Indian Nations,  given the chance to make a Nation as we have ?   These people,  these Founders,  were more than immigrants,  they were visionaries and adventureres - the spirit of America.   Look at every other place on Earth and you will see lands taken by force time and time again.  They still root for the home teams in sporting events and wars,  but their spirit is not the same.  It is the American spirit that defines and seperates us from all others.  It is that spirit that will prevail again.  It just will not happen overnight,  and that impatience is what I fear most.


You certainly understand our philosophical history and express it well.  But for me relative to this discussion of HUAC, the most important thing you said is

All who choose to live here must live by the laws of our land.

To operationalize something akin to the HUAC it must be based in law so that there is consistency and fairness in its application. (see my reply to Suzie's change to Unconstitutional from Unamerican)


We are guaranteed freedom of speech and expression, but when that becomes treasonous acts by elected officials and pushed by, "mentors", for lack of a better term.  What I mean by "mentors" is as it was then, the popular hollywood and those in the music industry that push these ideaolgies to the point where talk becomes action.  We as Americans are given the power to guard against all enemies including domestic.  If congress people are passing laws and allowing czars ,duh, to regulate around congress when they don't agree does that not make them the enemy by refusal to do their constitutional duty?  We can not falter here.  As Glenn has said, there is coming a time to choose sides, where will you stand?  I'm not a Beck fanatic, but he is right on many things and that is one of them.


Philosophically I agree with you.  The problem for me comes in making the pursuit of those who would change our form of government a real, operating concept (where talk becomes action) within the bounds of the Constitution.  What I don't want is catching innocent people in an operating net of criteria they may meet in some cases. 

For instance, in a college government course, should we brand a professor "unamerican" (or unconstitutional) because he/she teaches about the reasons communism has wide appeal among various groups in the world?  If it is not taught, how do we contrast/compare our system of government to what we think of as a threat?

Should we pursue everyone who professes communism as the right form of government or only those in a position to influence others and actually develop a followership that could result in action against our current form of government?

Treasonous acts:  According to the limited public law that I have read, treason in peacetime requires actions to overthrow the government (unless you are active duty military).  None of the most infamous politicians of the current day advocate overthrow of the government.  So, treason would be hard to prove.


The oath of public officials is required by the Constitution.  However, it does not specify what the oath should be.  The current oath includes the phrase “to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.”  Historically, foreign enemies have been fairly easy to identify.  Not so with domestic enemies.  As a matter of fact, I wrote one of my senators asking him to define what a domestic enemy is – that was two years ago and I have yet to receive an answer.  I have concluded that the domestic enemy route is a dead end with regard to protection of the Constitution.  However, the oath may still have a use.


Any public official who violates his oath of office has also violated the public trust.  But, a violation of the public trust does not necessarily mean that the oath of office has been violated.  So, the oath is less useful than it could be.  It appears to me that violation of the public trust is the lynchpin that may be very useful in curbing abuses to the Constitution to include passing laws that even you or I can see are not constitutional.


In summary, we MUST protect the Constitution by holding true to what it says – even while we are protecting it from those who would abuse it.  To do so, we must operate within the laws of our country and not solely by personal philosophy and gut feel.

Is willfully ignoring the Constitution by the administration against the will of the people thereby changing the type of government we are to operate under not considered overthrowing the government?  Even if those involved are said government.  Treason is very serious and that's why it's difficult to prove, I get that and agree with that reason.  I guess concerning the Hollywood types I should have said sedition since that is more fitting and there are those who are calling for violence as the key to it all.

Regarding innocents.  Professors should be explaining the draw, as that will be how we can compare and gauge how far we've come.  Professors are also in a very powerful position regarding the next generation of "leaders".  This is after all a big part of why we are where we are.  They can incite a large group of students quite easily.  Just look at college campi recently and the occupy movement.  Look at Sharpton and Jackson with the whole Trayvon Martin ordeal.  Look at what Spike Lee and Louis Farakhan are saying.  Could these not be looked at as seditious acts?  Operating under the Constitution any unfortunates that got caught up would be rightly exonerated through a fair trial.  No system is perfect, our founders knew that.

Everyone is soo afraid to say what's happening or can't figure out how to say it in politically correct terms that the progressives are succeeding.  We are more divided now that before the Civil War if you ask me.  The race baiters and ethnicity baiters have screwed us up so bad it's amazing that we're even standing yet.  Trayvon isn't the 14yr old innocent that they're showing.  Zimmerman isn't the mug shot that you see either.  We wouldn't know nearly what we know, not being Fla. residents, if Zimmerman didn't have caucasian in his blood.  That automatically makes him a hater, especially when it involves a Black American.  They are constantly changing words and their meanings which makes it difficult to pin down just what to call these Anti-Constitutional actions.  There are few in Congress, and none who reside at 1600 pennsylvania ave who should not be brought up on charges of treason or crimes of sedition.  As far as public trust goes I don't think they care about us.  They find plenty of useful idiots to reelect them though.


"We are more divided now that before the Civil War if you ask me."

...THE DIVISION is definitely not any less, and the outcome of this election may very likely invoke the same response as the election of Lincoln...


I agree.  So, shall we round 'em all up and force them into "tent city"?  If so, who is it that will be seen to be acting against a lawfully instituted government?  Who among us is willing to be the sovereign he claims to be and how will these sovereigns identify themselves to each other?  When they void the contract with the established government as our founding fathers did, what will keep them from being overwhelmed by the power that exists in the government's law enforcement branches?

The only way I see, is to find the most effective pressure points to use and conduct ourselves within current law and the Constitution.  I agree totally that what is and has been happening in the country is the rise of socialism -- which I disagree with.  However, there are many misguided and well meaning people who are participants in the support of socialism to include some in lower level leadership positions.  They do not understand the vision of the founding fathers because they have never been properly taught.  Do we also paint these people with the same brush as the ruling elite who are actively pursuing the socialist agenda for their own personal power and footnote in history?

I think I have made my point, which is -- we need to act but within the law and the Constitution.  Anything less could very well result in a HUAC that operates 180 degrees from what we think it should.


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