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Hello Members,

Just as I was congratulating Trump for his Immediate Actions regarding "shutdowns" I was swiftly kicked back to reality by Liz Wheelers Tipping Point...

>The idea of Trump calling for Martial Law had crossed my mind this morning... then I thought - No- that was always a concern when "The other guy" was in office...not Republicans...

What are your thoughts?

Are we allowing too much? Is President Trump about to cross a line?

Are folks stupid enough to start riots over toilet paper?

At what point are we going to question- Is Martial Law next?

Let's talk about this! What is happening in your area?

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I have noticed that democrat mayors have been quick to point out that they have the power to declare.   I think they would if they saw a political advantage and harm Trump in the process.  

It amazes me, shut down schools, tell all to shelter in place and then the liberals say oh what about all the kids dependent now on breakfast, lunch and dinner at schools so they setup feeding stations most located at the shut down schools. Kids go get the slope and then back home in many cases to grandmas house. Insanity.

Much of what is going on makes no sense. 

If Marshall Law is called good patriots all should be up in arms literaly. Gun sales seem to be skyrocking.


Marshall Law, is a very dangerous term.  I'm not sure if President Trump's declaration of a national emergency was made to give Governors, Mayors or Law Enforcement too exact Marshall Law over the citizens.  However, big government Leftists/Democrats are obviously not wasting time seizing the opportunity to directly violate the U.S. Constitution and the rights of American citizens.  It's a worrisome thought that private businesses will close without a fight, or at least a little push back.  Have we finally reached that point where Americans are willing to sacrifice their freedom and liberty to a tyrannical  local regime for the promise of safety, not the guarantee, but the promise of safety?  It appears so.

It would behoove President Trump to step in and step above the fray and panic to inform Governors and Mayors and local leaders that the National Emergency Declaration is not the "go-ahead" to exercise tyrannical, unconstitutional rule over the citizens, this is still (hopefully) a Constitutional Republic not a Monarchy governed by Feudal Lords and High Sheriffs. 

Making a suggestion that businesses do all they can to help combat the spread of this virus, with suggestions of how they can help, is a far cry from dictatorial demands from the high order. 

Make no mistake, the Left, as well some on the right will see this Corona Virus Pandemic as means and opportunity to completely shred the Constitution and at the same time destroy this Republic.  If allowed to continue, I'm afraid the Socialists will in fact take control, all under the guise of protecting the people.  Private businesses need to decide for themselves whether to close,  or remain open.  The American people must be allowed to decide whether they want to follow guidelines or take their chances.  American's for the most part are ready, willing and able to decide.  Government dictate's from any level should not be allowed to control the people. Push back from citizens and private businesses is the only thing that can quell the urges and attempts to "rule over" "We The People" and must be made at the onset of unconstitutional regulations, and at any cost.


Hello Jerome,

Thank You! I am so embarrassed by my use of the wrong spelling- I do know better!!LOL! I think most know what I meant!

I also do not believe this President would call for Martial Law or cross any line... I trust this man...

For some reason, I believe this man will save America from becoming yet another third-world Socialist Country!

I always come back to Alinsky who said -Never let a good crisis go to waste... or something to that effect...

We still have to keep in mind something Beck said "Together we surround them"...

Good to see you...yup I'm still here!

My thoughts on these interesting questions...

'Are we allowing too much? Is President Trump about to cross a line?'

We don't allow, we vote.  Cross a line?  President Trump doesn't 'Cross a line', he creates the line.

'Are folks stupid enough to start riots over toilet paper?' 

Yes, but maybe it's not 'stupid', just a way to get the job done.  Sometimes a riot is the only way to get noticed.

'At what point are we going to question- Is Marshall Law next?' 

I think you just questioned, reached the point that is.  

'Let's talk about this! What is happening in your area?' 

Not sure.  Live in an over 55 retirement community.  One way in, one way out.  So riots.  It's a large community so there might be hot spots.  

Let's set the record straight, it's "Martial Law", not "Marshall Law".   

Also, perspective should be uppermost in thought, word and deed concepts.

It's a well known fact, that "gated communities" may be sold to the public as secure places to reside as the fences, walls and gates are there to keep out the bad guys, it would behoove everyone to consider that those same walls, fences and gates can be used to keep the good guys in.

Donald Trump is not a Martial Law President, but he is very wise in so many way of "leverage".  I do not fear Covid-19, I do not fear President Trump, my fear lies at the foot of the Global Liberal Agenda.  The Globalist's, the Deep State and the American Communists will and are doing everything in their power to destroy this President, this Republic and take away our freedom and our liberty.  Make no mistake, there are many in the world scientific community that spurn freedom and sovereignty, and look forward to global government control.

President Donald Trump has done more good for the U.S. than the last 6 presidents combined.  Am I concerned about "Martial Law", no, not from this President, it's the next President's agenda that gives me great concern.

Your reply summed up my thoughts in a nice package. It is all out war against our President and the American people. The deep state and globalist will do what it takes to break our backs to achieve their form of control over our lives. 


yes, Thank you for correcting my use of the wrong word. I am so embarrassed- Shame on me! I do know better...

But Thank you again for pointing it out to me!


Nothing to be ashamed of, because you're right, we all know what you meant, I meant no disrespect.

I think Trump has demonstrated throughout this that he's gonna take authorities necessary to save lives, and resist using them for anything but leverage - unless necessary. So far I've been more comfortable with what appear to be his principled priorities, although not so much with his on screen methods sometimes. I do also wonder about precedents set and rhyming with historical precedents too, and what this all will result in.

Here's something maybe significant IMO from the past couple days - his seemingly preemption of the  'we need global government to defeat the corona virus' narrative ramping up with his declaration of 'We will be an independent self-reliant nation'. He seems to have a knack for that which sometimes reminds me of Breitbart - preempting the coming progressive narrative efforts and controlling them before they have a chance take root.

Larry, Our peoples President and VP Pence are doing a great job. POTUS true does not always choose his words carefully and nor do I and  kinda like that about him. It is his instincts and his business experience that come to bare for problem solving that impresses me.

The President has demonstrated his understanding of the global supply chain problems and working towards bringing critical mfg back to America. 

I am so grateful he is our President. Imagine if HC was and that is scary.


I too am so very grateful that Trump is our President!! I don't want to imagine if it was a liberal- especially now- what a nightmare it would be...





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