They say "you can lead a horse to water..." With that, I give you this video... worth your time

More evidence that  Dr.Fouci is NOT to be trusted!

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Neal Ferguson, the failed British "Bat-Shit-Modeler" is also associated with far left politics around the world.  His model was based on the "garbage in - garbage out principle" and was the Far Left and China's attempt to shut down the world's economy,  leaving China as the leading Economic SuperPower. 

Dr.'s Fauci and Birx simply were fooled by his credentials, OR, went along with the fraud that impacted the World.

Rich, I like the moniker you gave for Ferguson ""Bat-Shit-Modeler". Amazing the left leaning Fauci and scarf lady fell for the model we have been told often that they are so smart.

What jumps out to me is why the CDC and like in the U.S. did not have their own models and modeling teams. The W.H.O.why does this lame UN org not have them as well. W.H.O. is driven by political correctness and PC kills.

Our CDC may be "slow on the uptake" but at least they capitulated to President Trump's initiative to enlist the power of our economy to solve the problem.

I heard an interesting concept for maximizing Covid-19 testing; i.e., rather than test one person at a time, why not 100?  If there are positives, then track them down . . . otherwise, go to the next 100, or so individuals. 

This could maximize the test numbers by astronomical amounts and could enable testing the entire population (voluntarily, of course) in a few months.

 What pandemic?  My son keeps finding statics flu vs Corono19.  Flu deaths far outweigh this  corono 19.

Another way to control us and bring the U.S. down.

 Hello Members,

You all know I try very hard to post only Truth, but even with extensive research, sometimes I make mistakes, after all, I am only human. So I hope you will forgive my error.

I recently posted a well-presented video titled "Plandemic..." Although much of that video is true, the lies outweigh the truth!!

The video has been debunked and removed! Whew! TG it wasn't life-changing!!LOL!!!

Well (she said scratching her head) This video sheds more light on this subject!

Suzie,  Anyone who has ever posted has had a problem with this.  What upsets me is those who jump all over a person instead of kindly understanding it can be a problem figuring out what is solid and factual.

Norma, Thank you. This "crisis" makes it really difficult to get to the truth...



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