It’s Difficult to be Optimistic!

As the days go by it seems no matter what activist actions one chooses to take the political class continue to practice political malpractice. We the people are ignored. Our Republic’s thread is shredded more. The wins are far and few between. Our liberties are slipping away at a fast pace.

One example of possible liberty slipping away is an Arizona legislator attempting to get a bill inacted(note the bill references “licenses” would not take long before “license” included driver licenses) to require the taking of an individual’s DNA. The cost of the collection to be paid by the one from which the collection is taken from alive or after death). Although the bill (note the bill number in the article is wrong, the actual number is, SB1475) would require that the citizen give-up to the state one’s DNA, what is most disturbing is that the legislator is a republican. This bill has moved forward to committees, had a second reading and now is in the Rules committee. I used the request to speak and voted against but its marching on. He was not elected by my legislative district. How long before the feds will demand a central database?

This is yet another example of no difference between a citizen and an invader. Right to vote for all breathing air on Americas sovereign soil is but one more example among many if the socialist/communist democrats win in 2020 this will come to pass and count on it there will be republicans who would vote in support.

Those who choose to submit their DNA to an ancestry concern the two major ones do allow authorities and others to search their databases. Authorities are hampered in making a search using the ancestry company by the pesky requirement of a warrant and costs to be payed to the ancestry concern for the search. The ancestry concerns are using people’s DNA as a revenue stream to the max.

Suspect as bank records, phone & text data are treated now in law that DNA will be considered public record.

Most often when an invader crosses our border illegally and caught biometrics and DNA both are taken before they are released (catch and release policy).

Giving up one’s DNA to authorities (dead or alive) to me is the height of turning over all that defines who you are.  By doing this turnover one is virtually giving up self.

This all informs me that an authoritarian state is well underway within the USA and worse moving fast to a new world order collection. USA will be a major driver in establishing ever more into the NWO (think world with no borders). NWO is on a fast track.

One consideration I think is real is that DNA combined with other variables such as medical record, collection from Google, social media platforms and so many other available sources that the whole collection using whatever parameters the authoritarian state chooses will add up to behavior control, China is an example of a nation already well ahead implementing this scenario.

An aside if any one of us came before a court and the Judge rules that the record is to be expunged say after X number of years that record remains, not bleached bit, segregated most likely but not unavailable.

I will add that companies like Google and Facebook types will move to support a single platform (cost effective) that complies to one and not multiple platforms suitable for all regions of the globe. This will bring ever more restriction to allowable content.

Our understanding of liberty, free speech and religious freedom gone and worse the U.S. Constitution will be shredded. The Republic will truly be no more. History that this great experiment of government ever existed will slowly be made unavailable to future generations.

If you are as old as I am be grateful that you are on the downside of the age bell curve.

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I'm afraid Patricia many people feel this way about the lawlessness that permeates our society. The right to privacy is a joke and as far as our medical records are concerned even the IRS are involved. I can't believe the 10s of millions who have rushed to have their DNA done through multiple sites. What scares me even more is the perversion of the minds of even the toddlers in pre-school. It all seems so over-whelming at times that I wonder why we just don't give up. Then I see President Trump standing alone to be mocked and harassed by the Lefties all around the World.

He makes me feel ashamed that I would ever think of giving up myself. I guess we must win one big fight to boost the morale and I think it must be the Border Wall. President Trump has been trying on his own but, if we can step up and stand with him we may just win this battle and revive the flailing hearts of those who feel no one is with them. We need a repeat of 2010. We must march on DC and every State Capital across America. We must now be "United Citizens of America for America". I feel the march should be on June 6th, D-Day.

The March doesn't have to be organized but spread through word of mouth. At the same time we could email or phone our Representatives and bombard the media ahead of time. I'm already preparing a letter to send to each of my Representatives and will post it in the next week or two. I intend driving around Columbia with a sheet on each side of my truck for "United Citizens of America for America" and on my back panel, "D-Day" with the American flag attached to my front window. I may be the only person on the road but I will know I haven't given up nor will I. Whenever those evil words "just give up" pop into my head I just tell my self,, I will never give up. 

Hi Christine,

You took the words out of my mouth- I was going to shoot for some kind of action for 4th of July But June 6th works for me...

May I take your idea and run with it?

Plenty of time for this to spread...

Christine, Yes no matter how tough it seems we can not give up. Nor should we let the President and his family do the heavy lifting alone. I am ashamed of those representatives (except for a few) who are spineless B** tard's.

Christine, Did you know how significant this D day is? We should go fo this!!!!

The Final Salute: D-Day Plus 75 Years

JUNE 6 @ 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

June 6, 2019 marks the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, a milestone that is expected to represent the last large gathering of D-Day veterans around the globe.  Events are planned throughout the day.

Aerial Tribute to WWII Veterans – 10:00 a.m. –  Join us as WWII aircraft take to the sky in a breathtaking display and pay tribute to the Greatest Generation who flew them.

“The Final Salute” Commemorative Observance – 11:00 a.m. – The ceremony will include international dignitaries, special music, and Normandy veteran roll-call.

On-Site Commemoration Activities – 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. – Throughout the day, explore WWII re-enactor displays of units who landed on D-Day; visit “Profiles of Honor,” the mobile museum dedicated to Virginia’s WWI and WWII veterans; enjoy music from the Enduring Freedom band and USO show; gather with WWII and D-Day veterans in the Veterans Reunion Tent; and partake in our food truck area that is open for breakfast and lunch.

Click here for our 75th commemoration page.


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