Quinn & Rose here in Pittsburgh were talking about having a John Gault Day (the hero of Atlas Shrugged), whereby everyone with talent and skill takes an unpaid day off in order to deny the government income.  This amounts to a grass-roots strike by ordinary Americans who are saying "I'm mad as hell and am not going to take it anymore."  I think it is a great way of starving the beast and sending a message to Washington. 


What do you think?

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Thanks for bringing this topic....Someone gave me some stats a while ago-that unfortunately pretty much stated that the Gov is covered for such things-is that true? I was wondering- how else though? Can we get to them through the schools? I bet Moms would be willing to keep kids home- but how does that hurt the Gov? I was trying to think of some service we all use that we could cancel even for awhile? or I don't know my brain never shuts up just one idea after another but none really hitting the mark!!! There has to be an area where we can get to them!!???

Anyone wanting to listen to Q & R, they are on 5-8 AM Central, either XM 158, or www.wpbg.com

Here is another great blast from the past! Good idea!!!

somewhere close to along this line of thought --

I've always thought the income taxes this idea addresses should have a different norm (well, actually there shouldn't be any federal income taxes - what a huge mistake and/or nefarious blow the 16th was/is). The current norm of the employers being the tax collector and everybody considering the over-payments an interest free savings account then ending up jumping through all kinds of hoops and begging for a tax return (savings withdrawal) is assbackwards imo. 

1st though- everybody should have to write a check to pay their taxes, ...feel the pain of giving money you've had in your hands to government .

then, we should not be giving interest free loans from our paychecks to government - it's just void of common sense and sound financial practices to be doing so. And we certainly shouldn't be so blind willingly putting ourselves in a position to beg for our money back from the IRS and hoping IRS eventually sees fit to send it to us, they should be the ones doing the begging for our tax payments... and hoping it eventually arrives. Also, it takes no grand organization of masses of people - it's done individually.

I think that's kinda Galt-ish, should send a lasting message, and is certainly exercising a little common sense vs. what the norm is now.


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