As a Precinct Committeeman or woman (PC), you are an elected official in your Legislative District. That awesome responsibility plays out many times. This Sunday we PC’s were called upon to vote for three candidates from those one would replace an AZ House representative that resigned.

The three top vote getter candidates are then submitted to my county Board of Supervisors (BOS) and the BOS will then select the replacement.

As we constitutional conservative’s PC’s expected the Prescott RINO’s would do and they did support establishment candidates. We had a plan.

Took four rounds of voting and we constitutional conservatives did not prevail, our solid conservative made it through to round four.

Even if he had prevailed for his name to pass to the BOS with the other two considerations sent one of those would have been a BOS favorite. Just too many RINO connected.

The lesson I took away from this is that beating back the RINO stinkweed in the swamp, too many stinkweeds, will take sustained efforts.

We constitutional conservatives have much work to do in the next two years. We need more constitutional solid conservative PC’s. I suspect that this is true in your local legislative district as well.

We gotta try! 

Trump 2020!

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Yes, Patricia! We gotta try!!! You are my inspiration!! But are we just too old?!!LOL!!! 

Old for sure we are. A friend on Sunday said perspective is everything would this opportunity have taken place in say Russia? No do not think it would.

I and others there old but we all took it seriously. I felt energized.

Didn't go as we constitutional conservatives had hoped -- but we tried. The liberal republicans won the day but did AZ, my County and her constituents win. No.

The liberal republicans can take a victory lap for now but in the long-term they are turning my county to a darker shade of blue.

I walk around amazed at how stupid people can be...

Me too Suzie. I try to understand the stupids. Many of the folks mean well as I did -- our thinking is just different about what is best. 

We conservatives made one more try. We flooded the BOS with both emails and phone calls suggesting the least offensive gent to constitutional conservatives while they did not choose the most offensive they did choose a retired Senator, I like him in the personal but not in his policy record so the pick is the retired senator.

No interest by the establishment liberal repubs to unify the party.

What is critical for taxpayers of AZ is upcoming pile on taxes. The senator will not stand up for us. The dems love taxes and the new fleeing from CA well their use to heavy taxation.

The Senator will hear from me, a piece of my mind for sure. Will it make a difference? No. But gotta try.


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