" Let Me Make This Perfectly Clear ", and Other Sure Signs of Obama's Misguided use of Definitions unrecognizable by Webster

             In this time of transparent leadership,  it has become more clear than at any other time in Obama's tenure that any words from the lips of Him or his proxy mouthpieces appear to be spoken in seperate and unequal dialects.  There are a half dozen different accounts of what actions or inactions this Nation will be taking against Syria - soon or months from now !   The State Dept.,  Pentagon spokespeople,  WH rumpswabs,  The President - when available to take time off from his sand wedges all are telling different accounts of future actions.  All have no real plan let alone a backup plan that would solve any aspect of the problem at hand.  Even Hillary has a stand,  when she has not been privy to the top secret ongoing situations in the area since leaving this sinking raft.  At the pace things change in that area of the world,  any comment from her should be considered irrellivent at best.  If we have learned anything,  it should be that two statements in particular should be understood without any difficulty - " Let there be no mistake ",  and " Let me be perfectly clear " will be followed by language which can be interpreted many ways,  so he may cover all of his outcomes.  The Clinton Unabridged Dictionary and Thesaurus / legal escape pod,  is used liberally

            Here is what I have learned from reading between the lines - The President believes He is the Leader of the world.  If He did not say " I didn't draw a red line,  the world drew a red line. ",  then the numerous television recollections of his quote about drawing a red line,  carrying serious repurcussions if Syria used chemical weapons = I am the world.  No matter how sarcastic my comments are intended to be,  the arrogance of Obama makes them much closer to reality than fiction.

           Secretary Kerry - Cambodian war hero and friend of Jane Fonda,  Bill Ayers,  Dorne,  the Black Panthers,  et al,  is now playing the part ( badly ) of a war hawk.  Here is a Secretary of State which commands respect !   How many pounds of botox can one face hold before caving in on itself under it's own weight ?  We must put up side by side before and after pictures of Lerch a month ago,  when he looked like a bloodhound puppy and his latest national television speeches.  Nary a crinkle to be found - and as fake as his personal character.   He tells the world / Assad that any military response would be very tiny and a one time deal.  Compare that with Shock and Awe tactics and we have the divide between conservative's and progressive's strategy on warfare.

         Enter the Lion of Mother Russia,  and new BFF of Obama,  Vladimir Putin - suddenly he finds John Kerry's already walked back words used only hours before,   suggesting the only way to avert a conflict using a military option would be for Assad to turn all of his chemical weapons over to the new and improved Hans Blix clone from the U.N., " Which of course He will never do ", Kerry states,  making the entire statement worthless in a time where worth is everything,  is a grand idea and He - Putin,  will draw up a U.N. reesolution to be submitted immediately.  The Sec. General at the U.N. jumps on board !  Assad agrees to this proposal instantly !   Sorry - No Sale here !

        There are three things that Vladimir Putin will never forget or forgive - The Cuban Missile Crisis,  The Reagan beatdown of Breznev at Rezkavik in the famous star wars bluff,  and the tearing down of the Berlin Wall and the consequent breakup of His precious USSR.   To this day Putin has never backed the U.S. in any way,  even if it helps his own nation when voting at the U.N Security Council.  So the question begs to be asked - what did Obama promise in return for this get-out-of-deepshit-free card,  when He had Obama boxed into a tight corner with no escape with honor possible ?  There is nothing more that Putin would love to see than America get involved in an unwinnable war between two of our enemies,  and bringing down the wrath of the several terrorist cells already inside of our borders.  Domination of the world oil market with China is an obvious choice,  but there must be more than this.  When we see our Carrier Groups start to pull back all the way to Norfolk,  we will know what we have given up - everything we have won in the past decade in the entire Middle East plus a promise of no future intervention no matter how dire.  This all too sudden ( seemingly ) win / win situation,  coming from the depths of the Evil Empire,  is simply too convenient to be a viable plan.   Most importantly,  there is no possible way to tell if Assad has given up his entire stockpile of chemical weapons - we are just to believe the word of Uncle Vlad and the hapless U.N puppets.  No Thanks - I'll pass on this option and choose the spun glass salad.

         Just one other point I touched upon earlier - why the big stink about the latest weapons in warfare,  or WMDs as they are called.   A cannon firing a two ball shot attached by a chain could cut a dozen men in half thanks to King Charles of France in the 1500's;  Gunpowder was a two thoudsand year old Chinese WMD;  just for the record,  the Gerneve Convention also banned Napalm bombs at that affair.  We have used it in every conflict since !  Daisy Cutters and MOAB bombs are the two most devastating non WMDs in our arsenal.  They are gasoline bombs - another name for napalm.   If Obama is going to show close-up photos of chemical weapon induced deaths,  I would suggest showing the limbs of Americans scattered across miles from the use of IEDs and cruise missiles.  Show a child burned beyond recognition,  but still alive after a fire bombing !  Give me a choice between being burned at a stake / flame thrower or being attacked with ricin,  and I will choose ricin every time.  War is Hell,  and no redefining weapons simply because the normal progression of science in killing each other is convenient to the naive peaceniks of the world.  As my argument before was - the nukes at Hiroshima and Nagasake saved six million lives by killing a million,  including residual radiation poisoning.  These WMDs are possibly the most compassionate weapons ever developed.  They end wars quickly and with far less loss of life and limb.   Making a deal with Putin because of this mischaracterization of a weapon,  being used by two enemies of our state BTW to kill each other,  is the epitome of ignorant foreign policy or the epitome of finalizing his master plan to destroy our economy - take your pick !


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"If Obama is going to show close-up photos of chemical weapon induced deaths,  I would suggest showing the limbs of Americans scattered across miles from the use of IEDs and cruise missiles.  Show a child burned beyond recognition,  but still alive after a fire bombing ! "

You do have a way with words, Mr. Tripp.  The only thing I would add is the beheadings.  One of which was my cousin, Matt Maupin.

Indeed that would be more than enough to prove the nature of war.  As ugly as the bloated bodies of the Kurds under Sadaam looked,  these pictures pale in comparrison to limbs being severed or burned beyond recognition.  I would rather be a shadow on a bridge in Hiroshima !

Just one clarification on this article,  I did mean to write Gorbachev,  not Breznev at the Iceland summit.   I had a mind cramp - How could I possibly forget the Gorbasm !   The more I think about what Putin would ask for to get these concessions from Obama,  the more I believe our President would give up everything on the international fronts.   I would also add that any such deals made would have to have the final consent of the Senate to be valid under our Constitution.  I for one willl try and keep my powder dry after the initial deals are found in the weeds,  and the Senate tries to wiggle out from under this swamp.   2014 and '16 are approaching rapidly and the rats are fleeing !

Good post. Obama taking the stance on moral high ground is disgusting. There is no moral high ground for any actors in the game they, all of them, are engaged.

It is obvious that Putin does not like Obama. There is a ton of history between the US and Russia. Putin out played Obama and he checked the King.

I am so tired of the lies and spin from Obama and his "rumpswabs", I love that label. I am more outraged that they don't even recognize their own inconsistency. Worse they think we are so stupid to believe lap up their sour milk.

Tell me, if you were a Syrian and you knew the US was about to reign WMD on you would you not flee? Of course you would try to take evasive actions. Obama and his"rumpswabs" say we are trying to stem the tide of refugees. Just one example of stupids.

Obama and all those allies he says are with us, they want even hand the list over. 

Obama is in reputation repair crisis. He is willing to start WWIII and spin his way to sharing blame.

Putin out smarted him.

Would like to have someone explain to me:  Why BO is so arogant and, yet, is afraid to release documents of birth, school, and adoption by foreigner?

Norma, The dang documents were sealed -- some probably destroyed. This was planned way in advance.


"...any way you paint, missrepresent, fabricate, and guide the truth it still is only based on lies."

...AIN'T THAT the truth!!


Ain't that the truth!!!!

Ain't that the truth!!!!!


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