Mexico bows to Pres. Trump on 'containment' of illegal aliens Rea

Mexico bows to Pres. Trump on 'containment' of illegal aliens

Mexico bowed to President Trump's border security demands by agreeing to set up a Central American illegal alien "containment" belt 2,200 miles south of San Diego.
Mexico's socialist president, Andrés Manuel López-Obrador, known as "AMLO," trumpeted after his huge July victory that he sympathized with migrants suffering from "hunger and poverty." He promised to slash funds dedicated to border control and claimed that he would stand up to any of President Trump's bullying tactics.
A recent Rasmussen Reports national poll revealed that a survey high of 35 percent of "Likely U.S. Voters" believe immigration to be the most urgent issue for Congress to address. But AMLO must have been confident that President Trump's hands were tied by the "Russiagate" investigation. He probably assumed that Democrats would either squeeze Trump out of office or continue to emasculate his ability to take major retaliatory actions.
But after Trump was exonerated by the special counsel, AMLO quickly dispatched his interior secretary, Olga Sánchez-Cordero, to meet with U.S. secretary of homeland security Kirstjen Nielsen in Miami on March 27.

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To be seen. Trust but verify. Threat of losing $$'s well AMLO could do his part. Securing Mexico's So Border well they promised to do that about a decade ago. There are U.S. Embassies in all the countries where drugs, human-traffickers come from. Each country has U.S. Consulate offices, Mexico has some 26 U.S. Consulates. Why then presenting at the border? It is political and as well those countries trying to extort the U.S. and yes they are flushing out some of the worse to the U.S.

Here is the one thing no one talks about...I believe this is an invasion! Period! We are under terrorist siege and no one is talking about it...

Where have all the "processed immigrants" gone?  Ms-13 Gangs? or some other type of training camp? Where are they? How many went to Mosques? how many are Militants to begin with?

I always go back to obummer saying he was going to have his own army...

I hope we don't wait too long...

Suzie, Our DHS head has basically said I need help I do not know who the invaders are. The problem is Congress and the democrats for sure  do not care for our Republic. I fear that it would take a very bad event to happen before they came to "woke" state but that is even not a guarantee. 

What I have concluded is that they are using the invasion to break our backs and create the utopia they dream of, socialist and tyranny for the masses.

Back in 2006 I told my Representatives in DC that we had already been invaded, the people just don't know it. It was being said six to 12 million illegals were already here, add their anchor babies and those on visitor's visas and you could say there are at least 30 million illegals in this Country now. I doubt if we will ever know the true figure but I usually take the figure the Government states and triple it. 

We rarely saw an Hispanic person around our area 18 years ago, now they are everywhere. They are out in the open for all to see and their children are now having children. Unlike Black Americans who portray themselves as at least 50% of the populace through the media and maneuvering of voting blocks, Hispanics are the largest minority for now. I wish I could be alive in 50 years when the Chinese and Hispanics are duking it out leaving the Black population to fend for themselves. What a change is coming and not for the better either. 

The Socialist Dems are already denying the illegals safe haven in their Cities and States. I don't know why as they were begging them to come as late as last Month. They seem to be very fickle with their support lately. I don't know why. Oh yeah I remember, President Trump said he would grant their wish and send all the illegals to Sanctuary Cities and States. I guess they don't want to accept any gift from Trump when it's offered with no strings attacked.  


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