... so that I don't keep occasionally hijacking others' threads with off topic posts.

Hope some are an interesting read to ya'll, and discussion is of course welcome;

I'll start with this one, which I think is probably best posted with the title, link and small excerpt (<-- hoping that's the appropriate way to post articles on other forums);


"What On Earth Can the Left and Right Compromise?”



Once Conservatives started "compromising" their principles of individual freedom and less government in favor of the Progressive's collective ideology, the end of America's free Republic became preordained


...personally, I woulda began the progressive era catastrophe before the 16th amendment, which the article begins it at. I'd go back at least to the 14th amendment. But that wasn't a compromise by the R party (which somehow is assumed to have a quantum entanglement with 'conservative') and doesn't fit the article's primary point of how compromise has proven destructive, it was the party's primary mission at the time.

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I think so too Suzie. I think it's pretty obvious, if you're not blind to obvious for agenda's sake, when birds fry while flying over a large solar panel farm.   I coulda saved 'em a bunch o'money on that study

I did notice their twisted biased science with one of those factoids within their study - about the heat dissipating at short distances away from the panel farm. of course it does, heat rises 

luvly...  ;' /

It’s alive! Scientists create ‘artificial life’ on a quantum comput...


“Our research connects two previously unrelated areas as are artificial life and quantum computing,” Lucas Lamata, one of the researchers on the project, told Digital Trends. “The former is an extensive research field where the aim is to reproduce biological behaviors in artificial systems, while the latter is an area that is growing fast in the past few years and could revolutionize computation and communication. We mainly posed the fundamental question: Which is the smallest physical system that can undergo self-replication and other biological behaviors attributed uniquely to living beings?”

The researchers were interested in whether these behaviors happen at the macroscopic level of a DNA module or at the few-atom level where quantum physics dominates. In their work, simulated “individuals” were represented using two quantum bits, or “qubits.” These are measures of information which can represent one, zero, or any quantum superposition of the two states. Their demonstration suggests that a small quantum system can reproduce biological behaviors and that the quantum principle of “entanglement” plays a crucial role in this possibility.



Crime family #1:
The Clintons...the very poster-children of "@metoo" Inc...are reportedly going on some stadium tour. "Sources" say that it'll be called the "Bimbo Disruption"! If I recall, the cackling-queen couldn't even fill a line at a book signing! Will they be running again in 2020? Gee, I hope so!

Either way the country is going to get hit by a huge tsunami I'll call the "Blue Crime Wave".

I fear that even more innocent people are going to get hurt by the mob. God Bless my country.


recalling that either Clinton or Bush were the establishment/deep state's expected next POTUS, and woulda been had Trump not foiled their plans. I see no reason to think they've just faded away.

... I recently watched a short interview with the 'Walk Away' movement's                                 ?organizer/leader/founder? who said that the Kavanaugh/SCOTUS circus spiked the movement's ?membership?. <-- I don't really understand how disgust with Ds childish petulance guides people towards joining Walk Away, or what Walk Away does as an organization. But the people he described as coming to Walk Away reminded me a WHOLE BUNCH of the Ds that joined TeaParty before it foolishly embraced R party's label which effectively pushed them all away - immediately. 

Half of me thinks those kinda things point to there being a lot more rational people wanting a sane+sound country than media portrays, but the other half of me thinks events like Portland embracing ANTIFA and giving them free reign point to utter chaos on horizon.

I'm hoping the remaining rational people find a way to make a difference outside of partisan corruptions, I'm quite sure we/they want to.

"Trump not foiled their plans. I see no reason to think they've just faded away"

Whomever believes that the worst is over is just plain STUPID!

I'm sure you're famiiiar w/ the quote "Give me control of  a nation's money supply and I would care not who makes the laws", right?

For people to know the origins and intent of the creation of the Federal Reserve they should read the story of the meeting at Jekyll Island between November 20th, and November 30th, 1910.  It was then when a group of private banks from Europe wrote the Federal Reserve Act  which quietly appeared on the XVI Amendment of 1913.  That same group had also established The Brookings Institute and the Council of Foreign Relations. And it has squat to do w/ political parties. Both sides have been in on it from the start.

DT was never a part of it.  But he gets it now. Sadly, not even he, let alone the Conservatives in office, could stop it. Like our Deficit, it's only been temporarly slowed down.  

We'll always be one election away from losing our very sovereignty.  The question is  will it occur in our lifetime.  Imo, it's possible.   

yeah, it's possible..

generally, our grandparents/parents' generations failed by letting the seeds be planted and ours' followed suit in growing those seeds to what is now reaching fruition.  ..and silly humans still deny that slippery slope is a thing.

It pretty well disgusts me when i think about my youth among the flower children/jesus freaks/peaceniks/etc... of the times and remember how much they were all hollering about keeping government out of our lives.

just fyi -- in just the past couple days i finally tried this site on firefox rather than windows explorer and it works MUCH BETTER on firefox.   what took me so long to try something so obvious ??  ;' /

"our grandparents/parents' generations failed by letting the seeds be planted and [ours'] followed suit in growing those seeds to what is now reaching fruition."

Lets not forget the New Testament account where the mob chose to spare and forgive the life of a vicious criminal (Barrabas) over that of a truly innocent Man (Jesus Christ).   "[Ours]" boosted its growth and strengthened its roots.  

Those poisonous weeds should have pulled from its roots very early on when they were still close to the surface. 

It's the pattern of behavior of complacent zombie-voters that had wanted the government within our lives going back to when the new American citizenry had called for General George Washington to become our first king. 

Those poisonous weeds should have pulled from its roots very early on when they were still close to the surface.

yep!!  ACA and PATRIOT ACT +/or it's decendents are the current era equivalents to that and the realm of politics has already assumed they're permanent too. THAT's a standard that MUST be eliminated before any restoration can begin. which imo - makes it a top tier priority. The word REPEAL must become acceptable language in congress/senate - no matter how much office holding politicians hate the word.

"ACA and PATRIOT ACT +/or it's decendents are the current era equivalents to that and the realm of politics has already assumed they're permanent too."

Agreed. But we must include the present immigration policies to the mix as well.  So far 45,000 MidEastern "refugees" have been brought in this year (2018).  And that's supposed to be on the low end in the past few years.  Between that and those entering from the southern border has definite affect on the left's strategy to "fundamentally transform" the very culture and the Constitution of the USA as intended and established by the Framers. 

And there's the key problem between the left and the right.  The right thinks in terms of election cycles (2, 4, and 6 years). While the left thinks, plans and expedite them to assure their policies remain ingrained within the system; and within our institutions and culture until the goal has been reached. No matter how long it takes.  It's coming.   





Poor Stormy is about to stroke

She tried to take out the Prez

But instead she's going broke

It seems the decades of sperm

has flooded her mind

She's to dumb to see

That Avenatti's the one robbing her blind

Time to park it home

Rinse and clear your mind

It's time for you to retire

That old and sticky behind!




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