... so that I don't keep occasionally hijacking others' threads with off topic posts.

Hope some are an interesting read to ya'll, and discussion is of course welcome;

I'll start with this one, which I think is probably best posted with the title, link and small excerpt (<-- hoping that's the appropriate way to post articles on other forums);


"What On Earth Can the Left and Right Compromise?”



Once Conservatives started "compromising" their principles of individual freedom and less government in favor of the Progressive's collective ideology, the end of America's free Republic became preordained


...personally, I woulda began the progressive era catastrophe before the 16th amendment, which the article begins it at. I'd go back at least to the 14th amendment. But that wasn't a compromise by the R party (which somehow is assumed to have a quantum entanglement with 'conservative') and doesn't fit the article's primary point of how compromise has proven destructive, it was the party's primary mission at the time.

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I needed a laugh!!! Thanks!

Check this out buddy boy:


"A waste of time"?!

Do you recall, back at TPP, when I had posted how the people of Puerto Rico that weren't literate in speaking, reading or writing in english qualified for SocSec disability benefits?  I was furious that the culture was willing to consider themselves intellectually disabled just for a govt check!   What better way to manipulate a person than by literally dumbing-them-down!   

If todays kids don't learn how to use their minds - someone or something else will be more than happy to use it FOR them.  And it's occurring right before our very eyes.


They have already stopped this in some areas...

We seniors in my neighborhood have decided that we will have secret ways to communicate soon, as our handwriting and words themselves disappear!


May suggest smoke signals; flicking your window blinds; or morse code?  ;-D

too complicated, no need. just use plain ole truth based english - it's a foreign language to the progressive indoctrinated, if they can hear it at all - which those around us often give every indication they can't.

"plain ole truth based english"



What's that - racist dog whistle speak?  Don'tcha know that we should all be talking in the original Mexindian language?  You're a racist that totes a gun and hides behind the white-mans bible!

Go home, gringo!

- Betto O'Clueless

You tell him, Betto!

- Alexa Occasional Kotex



Please confirm that you have received my email and post messages to you- I await your feedback.

I get all email notifications when posts are made.


That is good to know.  I asked for your feedback.  So, would you like to reply to my statements?


What statements, Suzie?  Would you point them out?

You received them in an email message as did all those members I have offered this position to...If you so decline to have a category of YOUR OWN on this website- which to most members seem like an honored promotion-that is your choice! The redesign will happen either way.  

Hi, Suzie

2 points:

1. Thanks for the offer of having my own "Category". I truly appreciate it. But I neither require nor merit one.  Thanks again.

2. It hadn't dawned on me that the "message" you referred to was a PM.  I thought it was either a reply on the Discussion board.  I had shut off any PM notifcations a while back because of the following reason(s):

Perhaps you have forgotten. A couple of years ago I had explained  to you and the members of TCC that I have an eye disease that WILL leave me blind.  Unless a person is going blind, or already is, they can never understand the frustrations I feel.

Because of this condition I have to live a very organized life. Everything from my keys to my pepper shaker MUST BE placed in the same place all the time!  If something gets placed evenn so much as a few inches away I might spend even HOURS looking for it!

I guard my privacy very closely.  My personal life has never been a topic of discussion.  But I felt compelled to reveal and explain my eye condition a couple of years ago because I became frustrated when I noticed that the site's original Ning platform had been changed.  Unlike other Ning sites that I participate in, the basic functions of the TCC site were completely rearranged.  No longer was the Username Sign Off; Alerts; Inbox; Friends / Invite and the Settings  located directly to the right of the page as it was back when you first set up 912CQ after the Beck's 912Project had closed many years ago.  Back then my eyesight was way better. So I had all the Ning fynctions memorized.  Then they were moved.

So, because I couldn't FIND those basic functions I had decided to simply discontinue using the PM option all together.  I don't miss it.

Once again, thanx for having offered a Category. But I don't participate as much as I used to bac in the day to merit it.   


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