... so that I don't keep occasionally hijacking others' threads with off topic posts.

Hope some are an interesting read to ya'll, and discussion is of course welcome;

I'll start with this one, which I think is probably best posted with the title, link and small excerpt (<-- hoping that's the appropriate way to post articles on other forums);


"What On Earth Can the Left and Right Compromise?”



Once Conservatives started "compromising" their principles of individual freedom and less government in favor of the Progressive's collective ideology, the end of America's free Republic became preordained


...personally, I woulda began the progressive era catastrophe before the 16th amendment, which the article begins it at. I'd go back at least to the 14th amendment. But that wasn't a compromise by the R party (which somehow is assumed to have a quantum entanglement with 'conservative') and doesn't fit the article's primary point of how compromise has proven destructive, it was the party's primary mission at the time.

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Hello Luis,

I thank you for your reply.

No,  Luis, I apologize, don't remember your eyes,  I am sorry you have to deal with this condition---but then my memory is not what it used to be.

The last time I asked for a response to a private message- you stated that you did not want anything in a message because of transparency... 

However, I  often select the Message function to use when discussing private matters such as website design, which I would prefer not to be public.

For future reference, There are only three words under any given Text Box- the "Reply" function works the same in all text boxes, as does "Edit" And the word "Message"  means it is Private.

I need to encourage all members to post individual articles, opinions and general discussions as using the long threads for discussion- does not allow me to promote the website in any way nor does Google or any search engine locate us in searches with New Links and New Discussions...

I will keep you posted as to design changes...

Thanks again,


following up on the boys who couldn't figure out how to dial an old rotary phone;

;' /   =  terrible i know, but interesting when considering the tone and addressing EVERY single detail of how to use the 'dial' service, including what the boys struggled with.  <--- that part is about 2/3 through

different times, not really even that funny back then as I recall - except to my uber-alcoholic father. BUT maybe useful for making today's pc nazis' heads explode.  hell, they got all twisted into knots just over 'baby it's cold outside'. 

AANnnnd = darnya Luis. now, after watching part of that, every time i go to youtube the initial page is pushing every D.M. Roast ever made on me  ;"/

"AANnnnd = darnya Luis. now, after watching part of that, every time i go to youtube the initial page is pushing every D.M. Roast ever made on me "


Then it's a good thing I didn't post a Youtube explaining the problems that occur w/ hemorroids, huh! 

 You're welcome!


Btw, the  Foster Brooks was the funniest skit imo!  It seems that stand-up isn't about making the audience laff anymore. It's about getting them as angry as possible . . .at everyone that doesn't tow their line.  The DM Roasts, as well as others back then, was about laffing at one's self and the stupidity of it all.  Anywho...

this article's POV parallels mine about the political realm's over-demonizing the 'opioid crisis' to the point of legislating prescriptions. In my close circle there are multiple examples of doctors unable/unwilling to prescribe opioids for legitimate pain purposes. Instead advising over-the-counter alternatives that aren't sufficient. Effectively, knowingly, leaving the patient to just stay in and deal with the pain:

Opioid crisis -- Since when does government write prescriptions


Opioid-related deaths nationwide jumped four-fold in the last two decades, and the epidemic has made major inroads in the Eastern states, according to a new study by a U.S.- Canadian research team. The team found that “the life expectancy lost at age 15 years from opioids is now greater than that lost from deaths due to firearms or motor vehicle crashes in most of the United States.”

Clearly, something must be done, but federal and state agencies are focusing on the wrong target – legitimate prescribing of opioids – and have insinuated themselves into the doctor-patient relationship as never before. Our governments are taking prescription pads out of the hands of physicians and dictating which, and how much, prescription pain medication may be prescribed for patients. This is chilling and unprecedented.

As of last October, 33 states had instituted laws that restrict opioid prescriptions in some way. Although state laws differ in stringency, they are all intrusive. For example, Florida has a three-day limit on prescribed opioids, with the possibility of a seven-day supply if strict conditions are met. Massachusetts limits first-time patients to a seven-day supply and forbids a second prescription until the first expires.

And nationwide, millions of pain patients, even those who were functioning well with long-term opioid therapy, are being forcibly tapered or having their medicines stopped outright, regardless of their wishes or those of their physicians.



...but even given the obvious and unnecessary cruel (legislating away readily available relief from pain) consequences to 'the people' of over-politicizing ALL opioids,  i suppose it's just too much of a 'classical liberal's' perspective to be taken seriously by the indoctrinated masses who believe that government belongs in every aspect of life.

 !! YOU GO GIRLS.. !! :~}

YOU GO GIRLS continued...

Thanks for posting Michelle's speech Larry.  I love her because she tells it like it is.  I must admit I got bored with Trump's speech as he repeats a lot.  I guess he has to though with all the snowflakes and those who will not listen.

As for pain and the meds, I'll share my own experience since being forced onto Medicare, before and after Obamacare.  I was covered to see a chiropractor in 2005.  I have osteo in my spine, shoulders and lower back.  The chiropractor got me up and walking so I could do daily chores and walk the dogs which resulted in significant weight loss.  In 2016  medicare no longer covered chiropractors or massage so I had to get a shot of cortesone.  I still have a blue mark where I got the shot which lasted about a week with little improvement and no loss of weight.  Moral of my story is they will give you drugs that don't work that well or do little but not cover something that really helps and is no danger to your system.


(man.. what's with this software always being difficult in one way or another. Only your name posted, i'll try to retype the rest in my 15minute window)

less conversational and bullet pointing it = I can relate, have needed my lower back occasionally adjusted  since Jr. High. Back then chiropractors were considered quacks but I was so glad when I finally went to one. Had been in pain for a long time and it was SUCH a relief.

During the late 90s/early 2000s they were more utilized, the only good thing i had to say about the healthcare system then, which is when I quit frequenting it. For many ailments chiropractic treatment is the most effective and healthy treatment, i guess it doesn't surprise me much that the system is too dysfunctional to keep utilizing it. Wish it wasn't so though, i know you do too .

Larry,  Only the word Norma posted in my email for your reply.  I had to come to the site to read your post.  ????????????

;' /

omg... it did it again.   black magic i'm tellin ya

i said = i too thought 2 hours of Trump was a little much, had to pause it a couple times. my favorite part was him saying he will do an executive order tying university funding to freedom of speech.  -- I continue to see him address root causes of big problems, and i like that.


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