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Hope some are an interesting read to ya'll, and discussion is of course welcome;

I'll start with this one, which I think is probably best posted with the title, link and small excerpt (<-- hoping that's the appropriate way to post articles on other forums);


"What On Earth Can the Left and Right Compromise?”



Once Conservatives started "compromising" their principles of individual freedom and less government in favor of the Progressive's collective ideology, the end of America's free Republic became preordained


...personally, I woulda began the progressive era catastrophe before the 16th amendment, which the article begins it at. I'd go back at least to the 14th amendment. But that wasn't a compromise by the R party (which somehow is assumed to have a quantum entanglement with 'conservative') and doesn't fit the article's primary point of how compromise has proven destructive, it was the party's primary mission at the time.

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 Luis, Unfortunately, it does not work for me. I get negative feedback, even when I say "go to the last page of the discussion", folks like a quick link.  Think about it from a new person point of view because they have to dig through all the pages to find the post

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a suggestion -

judging by your involvement in the site software i'm sure i'm not teaching anything...

if you use the link emblem at the post and rename the link appropriately -


would that be a workable compromise?


NOPE !  renaming the link doesn't stick...  nevermind   ;~}


Despite 2 yrs of outright lies about Trump 24/7, a CNN poll shows that the President's at a 50% APPROVAL rating today. That's even HIGHER than BOzo's during his first term at the sam time period!

And, this is also quite telling. DT's disapproval rating is at its lowest!

Plus, DT's approval #s over the economy is at 70%!

To the Corrupted News Network & company I say:


But, hey. There's still the Mueller Report and that dossier to fall back on, right?



....did i read a headline today that said WWPelosi told them to change their narrative now and they have, already?

Rush says; 'Words mean things':

Liberal is the root word of liberty and liberate. It means freedom. The true definition of a liberal is a person who holds individual freedom to be the most important political issue. The limitation of government interference in business and individual lives is the real central theme of liberalism.
...and this is why I contest the interchangeable usage of the words 'liberal' and 'progressive'. Progressives (of both major political parties) are all about government controlling EVERY aspect of life and there's NOTHING liberal about that. The interchangeable usage of the words is both/either intellectually lazy and/or habitual partisan spin - and a misnomer, a mis-identity.
Progressives are NOT liberals.

Larry, we could also add terms like "moderate"; "bipartisan"; "diversity"; "rino"; "climate change"; and "racist" to the mix.  It doesn't matter. Saul Alinsky had pervereted the definition of words almost a century ago. It's today's definitions that the masses are aware of.  To change that we'd have to take back our very education-; governmental- and judicial systems to say the least.  (pssst. and I didn't even mention the media / press. So lots of luck w/ dat!)

Btw: The fact that Kim Foxx committed a "James Comey" w/ Jussie Smollett as was done w/ Hillary Clinton shows just how completely crazy-arrogant the Obama-left have become. They believe that they'll get away w/ that completely unscathed as well. And they probably will too. 

so, you're position is that even though it's false and works against us, since it's become the norm we should adapt?  sorry, not my style.. feels like concession to me. How do we take back all that stuff if we adapt to it's perversions? By law, through politicians??   i'd laugh sarcastically but that guarantees such a sad outcome it ain't funny - even sarcastically.

Saul Alinsky?  maybe, since Hillary idolized him so much and she had a YUUUGge role in transforming our political landscape to what it now is. But I think progressive word perversions most likely started at least a generation before ole S.A. was born. I've sometimes tried, but failed, to answer my wondering if the man who transformed our legal system away from constitutional law to progressive case law incorporated his sister and her expertise into his efforts. She was a renowned word creator and word twister after all ;


The terminologies were twisted many many decades ago. I had already explained what needs to be done to set it right.  To try to explain to the millennals...who have already been brainwashed and indoctrinated, mind you...the actual prigons of such terms will be even harder than trying to convince reasonable people that SocSec is just a tax and a ponzi scheme.  Lots o' luck w/ dat one too!

The entire system including the morals of our society is FUBAR!  And we still haven't hit rock bottom as far as the corruption and demoralization is concerned.

In other words: It's going to get even WORSE!  All historical evidence points to that direction.  Mankind can not fix itself - no more than DC can.

I know...Going back to TPP I've been called "negative". A "gloomy gus / fear monger" that has nothing positive to say. Remember them daze?

Well, just about everything I calculated would happen has. And thgnis ARE getting worse.

Later, buddy. Over and out. 


I think many of the awake, alert, conservative, Patriots have come to the same conclusions as you do/did, I think many feard putting it into words!

Yes, things are getting worse, yes our society is (almost) fubar. But it is up to US to fix it! 

Larry and Luis,

To interject here, I believe the use of words is one of our most powerful tools. Especially,   the use of Hegel's Dialectic - the"manipulating" of opposing arguments. I wrote an article on this a few years ago. I believe this results in brainwashing and targets those who are not aware.

For an understanding click below


“Hegel’s dialectics” refers to the particular dialectical method of argument employed by the 19th Century German philosopher, G.W.F. Hegel (see entry on Hegel), which, like other “dialectical” methods, relies on a contradictory process between opposing sides.

 An interesting article hints to President Trumps use of Hegel Dialectic

"In the fullness of time, two congressional committees will eventually provide a Synthesis which, in the main, is highly likely to support President Trump’s Thesis. But, that does not mean that the Hegelian Dialectic should be dismissed as an “Art of the Deal,” con game.

Stated as: Problem: Reaction: Solution, the Hegelian Dialectic coupled with civil give-and-take debate, can be an effective means of examining all the elements of an issue Add the Westphalian conception of an agreement (a deal is a deal) and we have the basis for civilized decision-making in the Western World. Call it “Kumbaya” or Epode, the result can be Synthesis." read more  https://www.skyhinews.com/opinion/hamilton-president-trump-and-the-...

So YES, the use of Words, the manipulation of debate and brainwashing - words!

Dennis Prager: ‘The Left Has Substituted Itself for God’

Dennis Prager; 'The Left Has Substituted Itself for God


"It's not possible to build a great society on a secular foundation."

that's the primary agenda of our current federalnational government, whether those who play habitual partisan politics choose to recognize it or not.

audio clip =


"that's the primary agenda of our current federalnational government, whether those who play habitual partisan politics choose to recognize it or not."

Imo, the Donald Trump presidency has also brought out all those GOPers in Washington that have been closet progressives (aka "The Establishment").  They have been openly hostile about DT since he came down the escolator.

Even now, though the whole Mueller probe has been PROVEN to be a LIE that was/is lead by a coup, many, if not most, of those GOPeons would be capable to stack the 2020 Primaries w/ a candidate that would take enough voters and/or delegates away from Trump to simply LOSE to the democrats.

In other words, such GOPers hate DT...,which include We the Constitutional People...so much that they'd sooner hand our very soveirgnty to the most radical democrat-socialists / globalists the US has ever seen.  

Here's where it's gotten VERY dangerous. Iran is seething over the US's boycott over Obama's nuclear deal. The Iranian people are feeling it.  The mullahs SEE that  the USA is in a civil war between the anti-judeochristian far leftists; the DC moderates/establishment; and the Constitutional right. The mullahs siezed the opportunity by attackung Saudi tankers. [1]  BUT, it's being reported as to being an "alleged / supposed" attack by the US and the Euros alike.  Why?  Because the Iranian mullahs committed an act of war. 

Btw, the NoKes had also launched 2 test missiles that were dropped in the waters between Korea and Japan. This right after DT had announced higher tariffs on Chinese imports. Coincidence? Yeah. Sure. 

It's obvious China...as well as Iran and perhaps the EU, would rather see corrupt Joe Biden in the WH in 2021 - or ANY other democrat for that matter. The next 20 months can become a real hell.  jmho 

[1] https://www.wsj.com/articles/saudi-oil-tankers-attacked-before-ente...   


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