... so that I don't keep occasionally hijacking others' threads with off topic posts.

Hope some are an interesting read to ya'll, and discussion is of course welcome;

I'll start with this one, which I think is probably best posted with the title, link and small excerpt (<-- hoping that's the appropriate way to post articles on other forums);


"What On Earth Can the Left and Right Compromise?”



Once Conservatives started "compromising" their principles of individual freedom and less government in favor of the Progressive's collective ideology, the end of America's free Republic became preordained


...personally, I woulda began the progressive era catastrophe before the 16th amendment, which the article begins it at. I'd go back at least to the 14th amendment. But that wasn't a compromise by the R party (which somehow is assumed to have a quantum entanglement with 'conservative') and doesn't fit the article's primary point of how compromise has proven destructive, it was the party's primary mission at the time.

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'You are very informed.'

only a little more than the average joe, which doesn't take much - not much interest in knowing much about it it seems. didn't know about the existence of psychotropic drugs before the event i described. learned a little real fast then a little trickle of more since. More than most apparently though. --which to me seems like a whole lot of unwarranted blind trust


p.s. -   thanx for the discussion Suzie- appreciated.  your last sentence kinda hits the nail on the head really

..p.s.#2 ;'/

and attagirl on your decision to go natural when possible. I'm not very informed about it, couldn't begin a sermon on what cures/treats what. But i'm a believer and practice it often myself. I do know others around me swear by Tumeric's results, for several ailments.

so, today's news confirms the Dayton shooter had cocaine, alcohol and antidepressants (psychotropics) in his system.

...it's the common link in every one of 'em - but let's ignore that and blame this one on the cocaine = it's illegal.

...not to be saying i'm sure of it or have any conviction of it, just noticing - Epstein is dead in his cell, and that's yet another very timely dead body tied closely to the decades long Clinton saga

Larry, from the moment it was first reported that that scumbag-pedophile had either "attepmted" suicide; or was attacked; or was simply trying to get relocated...the first thing that came to mind was the Clinton syndicate.  

Epstein had the goods. And it had been reported  that he said that if he's going down then others are going down too. 

Remember this?


It seems to me that John Gotti..."the Teflon Don" could've learned ALOT from the Clintons.    

yeah, i remember. The deaths date all the way back to when HillBilly was gov. of Arkansas and incubating ACORN. There was another rapid rash of deaths too that seemed to surround DWShultze - <--at the time she was well-known Hillary's protege'. I figure either DWZ learned well, or Hillary came to her rescue.

I dunno... but Hillary may be the most evil woman in history,

Yo!  It's Fried-day!  Today its  Mich's & Stoly shooters! 

Wait...OMG!!!  I must be a Russian-collusionist, right?! 

Anyways...hi, granny! 

I was reminded of an old WB cartoon:



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