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Imo, Cavuto is right. 

"All this stuff you constantly blurt out is bad and it's bad timing". 

The media is very much using DT's own words to go after him. I feel Cavuto's frustration w/ DT because he has done good things - but then he tweets and contradicts himself.  Just because the present potus is on "our" side in no way should he get a pass.  I don't like when the left sweeps or buries stuff under the rug. I won't accept it from OUR side!  I'm NO hypocrite!

I've been saying this since the 2016 campaigns: The thing that'll take down DT will be his own MOUTH/ tweets.

I don't know, and may be wishing/hoping by thinking that at least some of these are intended to be fodder for MSM to feed on, a 'look over here' while something important is going on over there tactic. not to say I'm okay with sweeping corruption under the rug, I'm not. Not even with 'our side'.

 see?? ;' / even I can seemingly contradict myself, maybe without having done so. Let the ratings whores holler that I did until they turn blue in the face - it doesn't really matter as long as they're too busy doing that to get in the way of my doing important stuff. 

I understand that "Hey, look over here" sentiment, Larry. I believed (or hoped) that were the case back then too.  

A couple of things:

1. The best "look over here" DT has doesn't have to sound like something out of pro wrestling.  I had noticed that from day one all of DT's accomplishments were/ARE immediately followed by the newest "discoveries" by Mueller or some other lame ass scandalous media headline just to bury the truth occurring right before our eyes.  Isn't it something how much more insane the left gets w/ all the talk of a Nobel Peace Prize for President Donald Trump over the historic events between the two Koreas? At least that Prize would be GENUINE.  Aa opposed to Obama - who was given a Nobel FLEECE prize just for being the first black potus - who'd also deliver the Euros to the "promised land" . . .thru the Copenhagen Treaty nw known as The Paris "Accord".

2. Stay alert!  The rabid left' well as the Islamists'...frenzy will reach critical mass the closer we get to Israel's 70th Anniversary where President Trump will join the celebration w/ the opening of the new US Embassy > IN JERUSALEM!  (4Q, Baraq insane Obie-scum-kenobe!) 

Genuine achievements are the best rusty nails to stick in the left's eyes.  If DT would simply continue reminding everyone how much BETTER the nation is economically, and an actual job market that has risen - especially amongst blacks and latinos. You know. Those "brown skins" he "hates" soooo much!  Now there's the showmanship!  

What's the Ds regurgitating...errr uuuh "running" on?  HATRED! RACIAL DIVISIONS!  The tired us-versus-them crap. The "us" meaning democrat politicians, the media and epsecially the SUPER WEALTHY lefties of Wall Street, Hollywood and Silicon Valley. "Them" meaning EVERYONE ELSE.

So, Mr President, PLEASE stick w/ the successes!  Get out those votes!  That triumph will drive them totally BONKERS!  Success: he best RUSTY NEEDLE in their eyes!

"the Presidents outspoken blurts and rants may have won him the election but does nothing to corral the deep state actions or attacks against him."

That's right!  It was those "blurts" and "rants" on the campaign trail...where he completely and personally insulted fellow campaigners that caused many on the Hill to alienate him and were not that enthused to work w/ him.  But, if the voters make the gains necessary to have 60 Senate seats while keeping the HoR - I think...hope?...that McConnell will actually start moving FAST w/ the empty slots for federal judges; and there are quite a few of them.  Plus, come next January, the likes of McCain,  Flake, and Speaker Ryan will be gone.  But, sadly, that won't guarantee any thing at all.  We'd still need the 60 to pass bills w/ out obstruction.  Hw many of them will side w/ the Ds to stop the passage of certain bills like the FULL repeal of Obamacare and Dodd/Frank; or to finally write an actual BUDGET; or DEFUNDING aid to Islamist nations; or Planned Parenthood....etc...etc...etc

Personally, I'm sorry to say, I don't see it happening.  The behavior and attitude of GOPers...after huge wins across the board and across the country..., since 2010, has been that of the LOSERS.     

When...not "if", but WHEN...gain control again - they're going go after the opposers, their/our States, the Constitution, christians and the nation of Israel like a pack of starving rabid dogs.  It'll make BHO's 8yrs seem llke "the good ole daze".  Mark my words.


Trump still saying: "I'd love to talk to Robert Mueller.  I've done nothing wrong".

Oh, jeeeeez.  Is he that clueless?!  None of it has anything to do w/ right or wrong; innocent or guilty.  The leftist machine KNOW that DT loves to run his mouth.


It's been reported that DT handed the "Special Counsel" 1.1 MILLION focumentds. So, WHERE'S the "obstruction"?!  Trump's latest approval ratings got him at "51%".  Translation:  They are NOT buying the media's LIES or the Mueller nvestigation.


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