N-new W-world O-order! Is it real? or a Conspiracy Theory?


How to inform a democrat!

by Susan N. Nielsen


As far back as I can remember, I have heard the words "New Word Order". In my "coma of apathy" years, I did not care what those words meant. But, now, looking back on the last 10 years, since my awakening, I not only know what they mean but have devoted much of my time to investigate and share this important information.

If the paragraph above has piqued your curiosity, I have succeeded. Now the hope is that you will continue to read, learn and most importantly share this information!! If you are still skeptical go ahead and wear your "tin hat" but please continue reading. 

First, I have just one question- Do you like the idea that YOU, as an individual, can OWN a car?, How about a home? and What about owning your own business? I think most will agree that the ability to "OWN" is part of the American Dream!

What if I told you that in the future, the not too distant future if the likes of Bernie Sanders and the other 70+ Socialists who occupy seats in Congress have their way-  Your private ownership -will be a thing of the past.

Yes, you heard me right.  Socialists do not believe in you owning anything. In fact, they would just as soon heard you like cattle into multi-family dwellings within a city, where you will work under their control. Sounds ludicrous!  -believe me, I know, totally crazy! However, it is the TRUTH!

I also know that if you are under 30+ or- yrs old, this does not alarm you because you have been brainwashed by the education system that has been under Socialist Control since the late '60s, maybe even earlier?. You grew up with words like NWO, new-age, sustainable, social justice, green, global warming, environmentally friendly, etc... You have been brainwashed to believe that YOU DESERVE FREE Stuff!! and awards you did not earn. The words ethics, morality, respect are foreign to you. And sadly you and your votes will help to shape the future of America.

I was surprised when my own 15 yr old Grandson, who is homeschooled and is only in the "Institution" 2 days a week- and yet he believes education should be free- when I asked, who is going to pay for the toilet paper? He didn't know, but I think I might have gotten through to him.

I am a senior citizen, who was lucky enough to grow up drinking out of a hose and lived to tell about it. But, I am also young enough to "get" that they want that "Utopian Dream" to be true! Me too! But we must step back and use common sense, and common sense in this article equates to Dollars and Cents!!

But this treacherous divisiveness has got to come to an END! We ALL Bleed RED! We all occupy this same Earth! I have lost a lot of Democratic "Friends" over my Constitutional Beliefs,  but even at a distance, I can't believe that the Democratic Party that -YOU- my friends, and I -are witnessing- represents your views-  in Examples such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her cohorts from the Democratic Socialists... 

Is this- The Democratic Party you signed on for? Do these people really represent your views?  I am going out on a limb here but I hope you say emphatically, NO!

Do you see the amount of money that is being put behind the mere idea of Socialism? Seriously, no offense but check out the Democratic Candidates. Please take time to research and learn from history and other Nations who have tried Socialism and Failed.

If you are a senior citizen, check out your investments, if you are lucky enough to have them! Look at the Jobs Stats, Look at the reality of this situation.

Did Freedom allow you a good life? Then why not pass that same Good Life, that same Great America on to our children... and their children.

Blood was shed by many for this Great Experiment in the Freedom of Mankind

America is looking pretty darn Great if you ask me!

Please remember when searching for conservative information always use a trusted Conservative Site such as


Thanks, my friend, for taking the time to read my opinion,

Suzie Nielsen

Below are links that you may choose to explore on your own.

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"House Democrats and their aides are quickly losing patience with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over her office's nonstop sparring with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other long-serving members, suggesting the speaker's dismissive comments toward her may represent the view of a growing section of the caucus.

“She is a complete fraud,” one senior Democratic source told Fox News on Friday, succinctly summing up members' frustration.



Below in their OWN WORDS are the TRUE examples of what your/our life would be like under a Democratic Socialist. You must take this seriously and read for yourself- Don't be Brainwashed-Make YOUR OWN Decision- this is what FREEDOM is All About!

Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable ...

A/RES/70/1 - Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable .... 21. The new Goals and targets will come into effect on 1 January 2016 and will guide ...

AGENDA 21 the complete PDF


Agenda 21 - Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform - the ...

Agenda 21- heading you like cattle...

Agenda 21 is a non-binding action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development. It is a product of the Earth Summit (UN Conference on Environment and Development) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992.


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I USED to think it (NWO) was just another conspiracy theory....until right after the 2016 election.  The day after Donald J. Trump became President, I awoke too-something was not right with our gov't. being "way-over-the-top" angry.  There was/is a reason the Dems became so ugly.....President Trump ruined their one-world plan and their cushy jobs.  I shutter to think how I, and many others, were blind to the Dems sneaking Muslims and Socialists into our gov't positions....AND to their letting all the illegal immigrants in our country for votes and for us to support.  It had been happening for YEARS and I never knew!  I honestly feel sorry for Pres. Trump trying to clean up their mess, yet getting vilified by the press and the corrupt socialists.  I just hope that after his 8 yrs. as Pres., someone as strong and powerful as he (is that possible?) can continue the fight for the people of the United States.

Hi Jan, 

Welcome to the site.

Yes, I believe they have taken these 3 important words and have twisted them and brainwashed folks, in the same manner, they did the word "Birther" They propagandized the word so as to make folks think "Birthers" were crazy people!. When in fact obummer was not fit to be president.

So now we have to undo the tin hat theory and make people understand that NWO and Socialism/communism are synonymous... they all end badly!

I also feel sorry for Trump, his stamina is unbelievable! and that of the family! I pray for him and his safety! 

Hi Suzie,  The first I recall hearing New World Order was George W. Bush in 1991.  I care not for the phrase one little bit.  I, as a matter of fact, much prefer individualism and the thought of those who have, volunteering to give to those who don't.  That's how I got through high school in the '50s.  Someone donated money and I was awarded a scholarship of $20 a month which paid for my lunch and bus fare.  I was told it was because I had a B average overall.  My friend had to drop out because she didn't have shoes to wear.  She started working at 16.

We, all the friends in my neighborhood, started babysitting through the summer to pay for school clothes.  The boys cut grass or did other things to earn money.

Today most would scoff if you asked them to help clean house or babysit for money to buy clothes.  They've been coddled for far too long.

Hi Norma,

You are so right... but how do we get through to them? They have learned to talk in circles...

Suie, We don't.  Those in politics are either too dumb or just don't care.  The younger generation have to be taught by their parents, and they are not or have failed miserably.

Hi all the first time I mentioned NWO my liberal friends cried that is a CT same thing when I mentioned NAU. To their credit they were adamantly opposed to socialism when I pressed that if the dems win that is the economic system that would become America's fate.No they didn't buy that after all they are progressives not socialist. Haven't talked to them since to known if they have "woke".

It took socialist Nazi's few years really to indoctrinate Germans using propaganda, violence, burning books, reinventing history and blaming the jews. Today our history is being destroyed, America's symbols are torn asunder, white people are deplorables, propaganda (fake news), a coup attempt took place to unseat a duly elected President, indoctrination of our youth, anti-semitism on the rise and the list goes on.

2020 is more crucial to re-elect Trump and vote for R's up and down the ballot. Not all R's are conservatives or constitutional conservatives, try to primary the RINO's. 

We got one more shot to save this Republic. Constitutional conservatives I know we are up to the challenge.

Suzie, Great and true words. 

We need a lot more of this info presented... I wrote to American Policy Center.org and just received permission and Thanks from them to repost all/or any of the Agenda 21 articles and other articles written by Tom Deweese's and others...

Much push back in Maricopa County, AZ about extending light rail, another extension not needed, people are viewing this as an Agenda 21 + thing and I agree.


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