Oil refineries, monopoly money and the UN

How many barrels of oil can a closed refinery produce? 

I have been unable to confirm the author of the email below; however it prompted me to further investigate the Oil refinery closures in the United States.  Not only are the refineries lost, but there is a ban on building any future oil refineries.  These closures are due to ridiculous over regulations!

This is not to mention the job loss, the initial impact and the trickledown effect this will have not only in the communities but all across America!

Keep in mind all the types of plastics manufactured from oil products.

Once again “We” have been duped into believing that these “changes” are necessary…

Take a look at Agenda 21 and the overall global control…



This email comes from a retired oil executive who spent some 40 years in the industry.

Mass Exodus US Oil Refineries.


The Closure Of The U.S. Oil Refinery Industry In The Past 2 Years:

In 2010, there were 149 operable U.S. refineries with a combined capacity of 17.6 million barrels (2,800,000 m3) per day. Something odd started happening in late 2010-early 2011. The US oil refinery industry quietly announced the closure of numerous US oil refineries. Many are completely unaware the US ships oil overseas to be processed. We do so as we do not have enough refineries to process the vast amounts here, and we are barred from building anymore refineries. All refineries perform three basic steps: separation, conversion, and treatment. Pretty simple.

  Several reasons include technical and economic factors as to why we ship it overseas to be processed.

1. The crude petroleum is sold to the highest bidder, NOT the nearest bidder

2. There are different kinds of crude oil, such as sweet/light and dark/heavy. They have different applications and uses.

3. Different kinds of refining processes are needed to make different products from the crude oil. Petroleum is processed to make lots of products other than gasoline, like plastics and asphalt.

4. Politics, unions and the "environmentalist’s"

How many of you are aware Sunoco, ConocoPhillips and The HESS Corp are all closing US oil refineries? Not many, as the media refuses to give this HUGE story coverage. My guess is that if Americans understood the complete truth to how we are being sold out, and enslaved there just might be the much needed revolution to turn this country around.

Last September, both Sunoco & CP announced plant closing, effecting thousands of workers. Sunoco announced they are completely getting out of the oil industry. Closing up shop. They are done with the US oil industry.

Sunoco is closing it's 2 oil refineries in July 2012 in Philadelphia and Marcus Hook, Pa. Those 2 facilities alone process over 500,000 barrels a day

 http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/story?section=news/local&id=8343372>; http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/story?section=news/local&id=8343372

Also announced last year, ConocoPhillips announced  2 plant closing for sure in Trainer, PA and Bayway, NJ., the other 3 plants are undecided as of today.

 http://stillwaterassociates.com/index.php?option=com_content&vi...; http://stillwaterassociates.com/index.php?option=com_content&vi...

Conoco also announced they were closing their Alaskan refining facility:

 http://www.delcotimes.com/articles/2011/09/28/news/doc4e828f2ba723a...; http://www.delcotimes.com/articles/2011/09/28/news/doc4e828f2ba723a...; >

Just a week ago, the US 3rd largest oil refinery owned and operated by The HESS Corp just announced it's permanent closure. Costing over 2,000 jobs, and effecting 950 contractors:

 http://www.tucsonnewsnow.com/story/16543753/major-oil-refinery-to-c...; http://www.tucsonnewsnow.com/story/16543753/major-oil-refinery-to-c...

  Refineries on the East Coast of the US supply 40% of the gasoline sales and 60% of the diesel and other fuel oils.

  Of that, HALF that comes from the Sunoco & ConocoPhillps plant closures.

  When ConocoPhillips announced that it was closing the Trainer refinery, Willie Chiang, then ConocoPhillips' Senior Vice President of Refining, Marketing, Transportation and Commercial, noted that their decision to sell, like Sunoco's, was based on unfavorable economics caused by a competitive and difficult

market environment characterized by "...product imports, weakness in motor fuel demand, and costly regulatory requirements."

  They are ALL closing up shop due to gov regulations, union demands and excessive operating costs brought on by the Gov regulations.

  Then you have the unions, led by Barry's buddy Leo Gerard saying they will close ALL US oil refineries starting from the east coast to west coast today.

 http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/09/23/usa-oil-refinery-labor-id...; http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/09/23/usa-oil-refinery-labor-id...

  The unions are shutting down ports, rail and air across the pond right now......the SAME EXACT thing they plan on doing here. When the ships stop importing, the rails & air stop delivering....how much is everything you consume gonna cost? Remember...we are a CONSUMING country, no longer a producing one.

 http://www.hellenicshippingnews.com/News.aspx?ElementId=37873cee-2b...; http://www.hellenicshippingnews.com/News.aspx?ElementId=37873cee-2b...

  The excessive and costly gov regulations on the US oil refinery market has forced companies to re-evaluate the cost of doing business in the US .

  Why have operations in the US where you bleed money via regulations & demands, when you can have refineries built in Columbia , Mexico or Brazil for pennies on the dollar, and less regulations?

 It's all business America ....nothing personal.

  Besides.....your gov is giving BILLIONS to Columbia and Brazil to build refineries to process all that oil the US is losing.

We are building up every country on earth, while destroying our own....all in the name of redistribution of wealth.

  I covered some of these "deals" Barry inked in my previous note:

   https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003192895784&sk=note...; https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003192895784&sk=notes#!/note.php?note_id=145148522268243

  You do the math. When the US oil refineries finally close up shop, who will process all that oil....and how much do YOU think that oil will cost when it's ALL processed over seas?

  Think gas and energy costs are high right now.......wait 6 months. You haven't seen anything yet.

  How can anyone expect any company to do business with an anti-American, hostile gov out of control? You can't. That is why we are seeing a mass exodus, across the board in every industry in the US LEAVING.

Robert A. Arnett

> Robert A. Arnett & Associates, Inc.

> Mesa , Arizona

> 480.332.3792


 After some research I found that Mr. Arnett is accurate! So I set out on a journey to “Follow the Money”


Crude Oil

Falling U.S. Oil Imports Will Reshape the World Crude Market

By Matthew Philips on January 16, 201

By 2014, the U.S. will import just 6 million barrels of crude oil per day, or roughly a third of what it uses, according to a recent forecast from the federal Energy Information Administration. That’s less than half the amount of 2006, when imports accounted for 60 percent of total U.S. oil consumption.


Refining 2021: Who Will Be in the Game?

With one in five oil refineries expected to cease operations over the next five years, choosing the right operating model and level of integration will be crucial for survival and sustained profitability.

Over the next 10 years, operators at one in every three refineries in North America and Western Europe will need to reconsider their operating models and how they are integrated across the value chain. Otherwise, they will struggle to keep up with changing global markets and compete with improving global standards in refining. By 2021, refineries will need to restructure, strategically reposition their assets, or leave the market.

These stark prospects are among the findings of a recent A.T. Kearney study of the global refining market. In North America and Western Europe, the current trend of refinery closings is expected to continue, with one in five refining assets being squeezed out of the market over the next five years. Meanwhile, the boom in demand in Asia and the Middle East will lead to substantial changes in capacity and partnership structures.


Refinery Closings and Purchases


U.S. refiners are closing plants that have become uneconomic. In recent years, refineries closed in Westville, New Jersey, and Yorktown, Virginia and this past December a large refinery in southeastern Pennsylvania and one in New Jersey were shuttered.[viii]

Two refineries in Pennsylvania with a joint capacity of 363,000 barrels per day owned by Sunoco and Conoco Phillips were recently idled due to losses resulting from increased regulatory requirements and lower demand for petroleum products.  Sunoco estimates that environmental regulatory costs represent about 15 percent of its operating budget. The two idled Pennsylvania refineries along with a third Sunoco refinery still operating in the Philadelphia area employ 1,200 workers and almost as many salaried and contract workers, manufacturing 50 percent of the petroleum fuels produced on the East Coast of the United States.[ix]   However, while these refineries are experiencing losses and two are idled, there seems to be some recent interest.

Energy Transfer Partners and Sunoco have entered into a merger agreement where Energy Transfer Partners will acquire Sunoco for $5.3 billion, creating one of the largest and most diversified energy partnerships in the country. According to Sunoco, its Marcus Hook plant, which it idled in December, will remain closed under the merger.  Its Philadelphia refinery, which is the largest on the East Coast, is still operating, employing about 850 workers.[x]

The Conoco Phillips refinery in Trainer, Pennsylvania produces 185,000 barrels a day.[xi]   Over the last 10 years Conoco Phillips invested 100 percent or more of its profit into its Trainer refinery to meet regulatory requirements and has lost money in each of the previous three years.[xii]  Delta Airlines just purchased the Conoco Philips facility as a hedge against increasing jet fuel prices for $150 million. Delta plans to invest $100 million in maximizing the refinery’s jet fuel output, cutting the airline’s fuel bill by $300 million a year.[xiii]

A major Caribbean export refinery supplying the East Coast (Hovensa’s U.S. Virgin Islands refinery) has closed.  The Hovensa refinery in the U.S. Virgin Islands was located in a region that was in attainment with the Clean Air Act.   However, EPA required the company to spend an additional $700 million replacing turbines.  After losing $1.3 billion in last three years, the refinery could not afford the additional regulatory compliance costs.[xiv]

According to a March 2011 Department of Energy report, in the past 20 years, federal regulations were a significant factor in the closing of 66 U.S. refineries. (See chart below.) Refinery closures and the recession have led to a loss of over 3,000 direct jobs and 506,000 barrels per day decrease in capacity.

 Source:  U.S.  Department of Energy, Office of Policy and International Affairs, Small Refinery Exemption Study – An Investigation Into Disproportionate Economic Hardship, p.  28-30, found at:  http://www.epa.gov/otaq/fuels/renewablefuels/compliancehelp/small-r...

Read more




I would say Energy Transfer Partners is doing very well indeed!



12/19/2012 @ 1:58PM |3,188 views

Energy Transfer Partners Named Top Dividend Stock With Insider Buying and 8.25% Yield

Energy Stock Channel Energy Stock Channel, Contributor

In this series, we look through the most recent Dividend Channel ”DividendRank” report, and then we cherry pick only those companies that have experienced insider buying within the past six months. The officers and directors of a company tend to have a unique insider’s view of the business, and presumably the only reason an insider would choose to take their hard-earned cash and use it to buy stock in the open market, is that they expect to make money — maybe they find the stock very undervalued, or maybe they see exciting progress within the company, or maybe both. So when stocks turn up that see insider buying, and are also top ranked, investors are wise to take notice. One such company is Energy Transfer Partners L P (NYSE: ETP), which saw buying by CEO Kelcy L. Warren.


Owned 40% by UGI who just happens to be the largest Natural Gas holder

UGI's propane holdings include control of AmeriGas Partners, L.P. NYSE: APU, the largest propane marketer in the United States. UGI also owns AvantiGas, Antargaz and Flaga in Europe.

UGI also markets a variety of energy products through their UGI Energy Services company, based in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

A little reminder about UGI

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission today filed a complaint against UGI Utilities Inc. for safety violations the agency claims led to the Allentown gas explosion last February that claimed five lives.


As a side note- Amerprise did not receive bailout money


So America what all this boils down to is that we have plenty of oil, but it requires refining, with one in five refineries closing, we will be exporting our oil for refining and buying it back at even higher prices

That’s the logic of sell low buy high… the purpose of which is to “spread the wealth around”…


Not to mention-Job loss


The increase in Gas taxes and the looming idea of a Mileage Tax

Obama Mulls Replacing Gas Tax With Hefty Mileage Tax mileage

One reason gas prices are so high is that the Feds impose a tax of 18.4 cents per gallon on gas. It’s 24.4 cents per gallon of diesel. We’ve had federal gas taxes since the 50’s to pay for highways and bridges, but since 1983, they started diverting about 20% of gas taxes to go to a Mass Transit Account that is supposed to pay for public transportation like buses and railways. So, those of us who don’t use mass transit are paying for those that do in the form of gas taxes. That’s socialism for you.

Read more: http://www.912communique.com/forum/topic/show?id=3397719:Topic:2217...

 Once again, it boils down to the big boys’ playing with monopoly money and the UNs relentless pursuit of America’s Freedom- YOUR FREEDOM!

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From my perspective, what we are observing is a wholesale act of treason on the part of this Administration.  Recently, Senator Feinstein introduced legislation designed to abrogate the rights of citizens under the 2nd Amendment.  This is law warfare on the people.  I will now add "Regulatory warfare" as an act of treason when such acts have the effect of making war on the Republic.  Clearly, closing our coal plants and now our refineries are designed to harm the Republic.  Ironically, Obama is selling our strategic energy resources to Communist China.  I note too that Communist China supported Obama's reelection and his pursuit of a 2nd Amendment ban.  

Sometimes, I think I am having a nightmare.  But, reality is no nightmare, it just is!

 Frank if he does succeed -please see my posts regarding genocide/democide and China's push to  disarm America!  Just think about how crazy it is that we are living in an age where folks are moving to Russia to get away from high taxation! My Father would roll over in his grave...

Suzie, Obama is succeeding!  There is no one in D.C. with enough guts to stop him.  We the People can't seem to agree on anything or any plan.  After all, the apathy of so many Christians and so-called conservatives was expressed in the "I didn't even care enough to vote", allowing the re-election of a dictator.  The last election leads me to believe that there are plenty of so-called conservatives who are and have been on the government dole, and they didn't want the entitlements to stop either.  One of the biggest reasons Romney didn't win, was because he promised to create jobs.  Well, the "unentitled" entitled didn't want jobs, so they either didn't vote for Romney or they simply didn't vote at all.  There is only one political party now, and that is the Socialist/Progressive Party and they do the bidding of Obama and his handlers, they are his minions.  We can only pray that the Obama gun grab wakes up enough pathetic Americans to what and who they voted for, Obama is not a democrat, but instead he is a "Demoncrat".   

Jerome, it is so true.  It concerns me deeply that our country has a minority of people with conservative values.  We went from a Ronald Reagan to a Barack Hussein Obama. 

Texas should succeed and sell refined oil to the United Soviet States of America for a huge profit!


...IF TEXAS did secede, how many other States would follow?  Two?  Three?  Ten?  Twenty?  Probably 30...


I will be first in line to move!LOL! I am doomed in Cali...

I will miss my beautiful Monterey and Carmel.....not to mention the Pacific Ocean and Big Sur....


...THAT is a beautiful area, Frank... if it weren't for the politics I'd still be living in my birth state...



"...asking God to forgive our sins and guide us through this, show us what to do to  take back our great nation."

...LIKE the rest of us, you probably already know what has to happen to take back our great nation...


I find myself believing less and less everyday.  There is so much misinformation and down right lies and the spin is to prevalent it causes you to puke.  There was way too much to read ans absorb.  It would not surprise me is the entire story is true.  There is one Sunoco in my neighborhood.  For the last month that station has all it's pumps bagged.  I gave it no mind and just went to the next nearest gas station.  Now, after reading some of the email, I can't help but wonder.  You know what else I am wondering?  Who is this Obama that one man can change the greatest country in the world sending it heading to be the lowest.  This 'KID' has done just about everything wrong and he remains popular.  Some even see him as the second coming.  It is getting ridiculous....and scary.

Love your quite clever question, love you citing a source you cannot confirm...Full speed ahead the truth be damned...


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