Here is a link to a petition that counters the petitions asking electoral to reverse results of election ! Soros & crew have not given up & are working behind scenes with protests & these petitions remain vigil folks God bless the Republic !

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This is the petition on change that Soros & Clinton are backing !

I don't really think they can do anything at this point Can they? Do you know? Does anyone know if they can do anything to stop this presidency?

It would take Congress to come up with an amendment to the constitution and then approval by the needed states. Not going to happen. That is what I believe.

Patricia, Thanks! BTW- I have not forgotten about the book very sorry for procrastination...- it is just that I don't remember it at times I am going near a post office!!!LOL!!!

Did you read the article I posted on "Faith????????"

This guy seems to think so.

Although many of these protesters are just bad actors who would riot if their favorite team won or lost for that matter ,the media will not bring that to the sheeple nor will they let them know that many of the signers of these petitions aren't even Americans . The plan I believe is to cause such disruption that the electoral will see themselves as saviors of the country ! I believe that this was plan B for Hilary & crew all along is it not strange how quickly she conceded & how quiet her & Obama have been on quelling the riots ! Portland's mayor has some complicity in this with his hands off approach the first couple of days of protests " people are hurting & need to grieve " as they ruined cars, burnt paper boxes, strutted around with baseball bats, & disrupted the lives of working people trying to conduct their daily lives ! I have no problem with peaceful protest but the moment someone starts destroying property or harming others the police need to intervene nip it in the bud & not let it escalate to total insanity ! Keep praying & God Bless the Republic. 

Right on James, I think it is just ridiculous behavior --as long as they can't actually do anything about the election..


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