Dear Valued Members and Friends,

As you know every once in a while I reassess the value of this website. This is another one of those times...

Although our membership is made up of mostly Babyboomer and Seniors, Republicans, Libertarians, and yes some Democrats -As Constitutional Conservatives, we are basically a like-minded group of people, from all across America from all walks of life.

I think we can all see that our future is changing - drastically in some areas. For some these golden years will bring more stress financially and otherwise- at a time when we are retiring or retired and looking forward to "our time" to relax and enjoy life. Instead, we are being forced to rethink the way we live.

I think I can envision mask-wearing as a normal requirement, that is not too horrible. Many foreign countries have been wearing masks for protection from pollution. I believe we can adjust to and agree on this issue. But there are going to be many many more hardcore conservative battles as we get closer to the election... We as conservatives need to put on Gods armor and help our dear country keep it's very Freedoms

I believe people will be turning back to the home and inward to online websites such as this for conservative conversations...especially not being able to go out among friends...

I am trying to think ahead and possibly redesign this site to accommodate the needs of the future... Please let me know what you think of these ideas. and trying to simplify your life as well so you do not have to search for the truth!

 #1. I have thought about having a ZOOM room conference once in a while with a topic of conversation. I already use a ZOOM room for teaching ART online once a week- it is easy to access and live inter-active, conservative discussion! Would you use it?

#2. Post more news from your favorite news sites- vote in what sites to include- please give ideas?

#3. More integration with Facebook- make it easier to interact on our VERY ACTIVE Facebook page with lover 700 members!!

#4. More advice for being sort of prepared, "how to"   natural health ideas, pages for gardening, water storage, Would that be helpful? What ideas do you have?

I apologize for not sending out a Fourth of July News Letter, but I was having a real life battle, as I was ORDERED by the management of my Community- NOT to organize a celebration or a parade! Forbidden! So instead I had a recital of the Pledge of Allegiance to the Red Skelton Video...  


After we recited the Pledge we drove our decorated Golf Carts in All Different directions so there could be no question- there was no parade!

So, as I say we are living in the changing surely as 9/11 changed America...

 So let's plan for this... What are your thoughts?

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